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CARS: Museum presents a changing experience

Like, Karl Anderson (letter, 6-5), I appreciated the  article about the first anniversary of LeMay-America’s Car Museum. However, I was disappointed with the poor reporting on our exhibitions. As Anderson pointed out, a simple check with collection manager Renee Crist or discussion with Scot Keller, who curates our exhibits, would have led to a different story.

The museum is founded on the premise of providing a good time for its visitors. While the expensive set-piece “backdrops” change less frequently, the cars within the stories change regularly. In addition, the State Farm Theatre has been upgraded; while we opened

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TACOMA: Father’s Day parking fiasco

We drove up from Vancouver to visit the new LeMay-America’s Car Museum on Father’s Day. The crowds were nice, and everyone was in a great mood to celebrate. The parking situation spoiled what should have been a perfect day.

The Tacoma Dome parking lots were empty and locked. This meant that there was only parking for 10 percent of the cars. Why can’t the City of Tacoma find a way to allow the use of these lots for events at the car museum when they are not needed for the Dome? The Dome operators could have made lots of money

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