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SUMNER: Candidates showed their true colors

Re: “Bias claim cancels Sumner election forum” (TNT, 10-11).

As a Sumner resident, I was shocked and embarrassed by this article. Shocked that our mayor, Dave Enslow, and four people vying to lead our city would so easily dismiss an opportunity to speak to constituents and so easily dismiss the legacy and legitimacy of the League of Women Voters.

“We are grateful for the service you provide,” Enslow said on behalf of the five. “However, through no fault of your own, we do not feel the proposed forum in Sumner will be able to meet the high standards of

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OFFICIALS: League offers contact information

A recent letter writer (TNT, 6-11) complained about not having Sen. Patty Murray’s address. The League of Women Voters has a directory of all elected officials in Pierce County from school board to president. It includes all contact information.

The directory also contains information on how to choose a political candidate, how to write a letter to the editor, and how to contact public radio and television stations. The directory is free but a donation is always appreciated. Call 253-272-1495 and leave a message.

(Baker is the president of the League of Women Voters, Tacoma-Pierce County.)


ELECTION: Voters need to inform themselves

I just filled out my ballot, and one again I was glad to be a member of the League of Women Voters. I whizzed through the ballot issues with no problem, chose my federal and state elected officials and only had to open the voter’s guide when it came to the judges.

I felt good that I was well informed and sad because I know the average voter is going to have trouble.
Rarely has one round of ballot issues had the potential for such a profound impact on the state budget.

Please read the state, county

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AGING: Forum reveals issues vital to seniors and disabled

The League of Women Voters tried three new things this weekend: our first-ever forum on Aging and Disability issues, our first time having three simultaneous forums put on at different locations in Pierce County (Puyallup, Tacoma and Lakewood), and first-time use of real-time captioning and American Sign Language interpreters.

The result was outstanding support from the state legislative candidates and public. We were able to demonstrate that public events should all use real-time captioning and large-print publications to reach a large part of the population. We partnered with Pierce County as well as the Speech and Deafness Center to

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