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RELIGION: LDS women aren’t ‘outranked’ by men

Re: “Stuffy old church men must join modern world” (Bill Hall column, 7-19).

Hall’s claim that the Mormon Church is a “backward institution” where women are “100 percent outranked” by men in leadership is not true.

The Mormon (LDS) Church has a lay ministry in which women as well as men do voluntary service in various positions or “callings.” Women preach from the pulpit, teach classes, serve as auxiliary presidents and work as missionaries around the globe.

Secularists try to achieve gender equality by pushing women to be more like men – aggressive, ambitious, career-oriented. The LDS Church encourages men

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ROMNEY: Church’s ads aren’t an endorsement

Re: “Pro-Mormon ads have political aim” (letter, 2-23).

This letter writer is very much misinformed. As an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), I can assure readers that our church does not fund any political candidate for office, nor does our leadership endorse any candidate, period.

And yes, we are great and normal people.


ROMNEY: Pro-Mormon ads have political aim

With a presidential election upon us this year, we’re going to be subjected to a slew of ads touting the admirable qualities of one candidate or another. Ahead of it all, we presently get to enjoy people telling us all about themselves and what great, normal people they are. And by the way, they’re Mormons.

These ads telling us what regular people Mormons are, without a doubt, paid for by the Mormon church in order to let us all know that presidential candidate Mitt Romney is just like you and me.

While I’ve got no beef with the message (although

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