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TACOMA: Base layoffs on merit, not seniority

After six years of city hall activism for improved bike and pedestrian facilities in Tacoma, what gripes me most about the looming layoffs? The process – about which I admittedly know very little – whereby employees with perhaps a year or even 10 years seniority are able to push out highly qualified, meritorious and very specialized junior personnel.

In my humble opinion and with all due respect, this is not the sort of system that will enable our municipality take a step up. Tacoma can’t hope to compete on a national or even a regional basis for businesses looking to

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WEYERHAEUSER: Yet more employees let go

I write this as I sit in my car in the parking lot of Weyerhaeuser corporate headquarters. It is early morning, and the warm lights from inside the building are glowing and welcoming. I can see a few bodies wandering to and from on the fourth floor.

It calls to mind many of the incredibly talented, enthusiastic and dedicated Weyerhaeuser employees from the past who are now nothing more than a name on a file box, a data file, a query, a memory. For most, the small and big contributions they made to this company’s success are forgotten by those

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