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RECORDS: Lawmakers try to reduce public access

Well, there they go again. State and local lawmakers continue to attack our Public Records Act, which helps ensure the public’s right to know what our governments are doing.

For example, in our state House, a sizable number of representatives – let’s say the Gang of 26 – sponsored House Bill 1128. Five notable culprits of that gang are state Reps. Dawn Morrell, D-Puyallup; Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard; Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor; Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma; and Tami Green, D-Lakewood.

I’m tired of people reaching into my wallet without my knowledge and permission, and then preventing taxpayers from knowing about the

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HEALTH CARE: A refreshing voice for the political process

I teach a graduate nursing course in health-care systems and policy at the University of Washington Tacoma. The students are bipartisan, and we discuss the many policies and interests affecting current health-care reform issues from Wall Street to care in other countries and, of course, the details of the Affordable Care Act contrasted with the Romney/Ryan proposals.

It makes for lively discussion, debate and generates real dialogue among the students about our country’s path. Students are acutely aware of partisanship issues in our country that may threaten to disparage good policy for the sake of politics.

State Rep. Laurie Jinkins,

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ELECTION: Stop pandering to our differences

I voted for Jack Connelly and Laurie Jinkins, two candidates who together embody the values I believe in across the spectrum of issues that impact families, from shelters to human rights and from education to social justice.

State Rep. Jeannie Darneille was at the helm during the worst of times, and I’m tired of party insiders. The economy is not her fault, but I’d like to give other Democrats a place at the table. It’s a big tent. If we keep pandering to our differences, we will never get past gridlock.

I don’t know Connelly personally, but I have watched

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HEALTH: CPR and AED training needed in schools

As a volunteer for the American Heart Association, I had the opportunity to participate in the American Heart Association’s Education and Lobby Day at the Capitol in Olympia on Feb. 13.

I am a sudden cardiac arrest survivor. On Aug. 17, 2008, I was participating in a triathlon in Seattle when my heart suddenly stopped during the swimming portion. If it hadn’t been for two strangers who performed CPR on me and the medics who administered the automated external defibrillator (AED), I’d be dead.

While in Olympia, I was very happy to learn that two of my state legislators, Reps.

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HIGHER ED: Jinkins acts on educational values

State Rep. Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma, demonstrated her genuine interest in South Sound higher education recently. Jinkins inspired graduate students in the University of Washington Tacoma’s Nursing and Healthcare Leadership Program to become positive patient care and health policy advocates.

Jinkins carefully explained how bills become law and the importance of public participation in the political process. It’s heartening to see a representative who truly demonstrates her values by actively participating in the educational process.



ELECTIONS: Time for vote-by-mail has come

Re: “Mail-only vote next?” (TNT, 1-13).

I admit that I got a little wistful reading the coverage of HB 1002, the bill set to be the final nail in the coffin of Pierce County’s tradition of poll voting. My parents took me to the polls since I could walk. I, too, registered as a poll voter, and remain one today despite our dwindling numbers. It still gives me a sense of civic pride and engagement.

Nonetheless, I applaud freshman Pierce County Reps. Laurie Jinkins and Connie Ladenburg for co-sponsoring HB 1002. Vote-by-mail is simply better public policy. Proponents point out

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ELECTION: Fey’s jab at Jinkins is unethical and disingenuous

I’m pretty angry at Jake Fey. We need to be able to have folks from our public services run for office. That is where some of our best people are, and without that option, the only access point into elected office will be through a career working for a big corporation, or a life born into a rich family.

It is good to have limiting laws to prevent corruption, but the Hatch act was not intended to stop anyone working in the public sector from running, and having Fey, the direct election opponent, make that assertion is just obscene. As

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ELECTION: Recent articles on Jinkins and Fey unfair

I was dismayed by the quality of journalism in the News Tribune’s Oct. 23 articles on Jake Fey and Laurie Jinkins. (“Fey takes advantage of ‘retire-rehire’ system” and “Jinkins’ candidacy for state House may violate federal act, say critics.”)

The information in these articles has long been available, and the articles appear timed to simply harm both candidates. If these two stories were intended to inform voters, they should have appeared sooner – not a week after ballots were sent out and some 39,000 Pierce County voters had already returned them.

Worse, the articles were misleading. Despite the headline’s implication

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