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ELECTION: Seaquist thanked for distinguished service

We’re grateful to state Rep. Larry Seaquist for eight years of superb service to our 26th Legislative District, our state and to our nation during his distinguished 32-year career as a U.S. Navy officer. His shoes will be hard to fill by anyone lacking his experience, dedication, knowledge and honesty.

He took on the state ferry system’s management, resolved to make things better and did. As chairman of the House Committee on Higher Education, he worked to make education affordable to meet employment requirements of our scientific community. His work to fully fund schools and cut costs of college was incomparable.

Seaquist kept the high

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ELECTION: Seaquist right for Legislature

I wish that I lived in the 26th Legislative District so that I would be able to vote for Larry Seaquist. I know Seaquist because he sought me (a teacher and sometime analyst of education) out to ask me to participate in a wide-ranging discussion on education and schools.

He energetically and enthusiastically engages an impressive array of people, with varying opinion, in his pursuit of knowledge and wisdom about the issues. Indeed, in an all-day forum he primarily spoke in order to ask questions and opinions of the assembled group.

While he takes seriously the Legislature’s responsibility to fund

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POLITICS: GOP control bad for workers

An independent study revealed a correlation between reducing unemployment and increased use of food stamps.

When people take low-wage jobs or are underemployed – largely resulting from loss of employment starting about 10 years ago, and with more and more people taking low-wage jobs and lower-income families living on income from one family member – reliance on food stamps goes up. In both cases the underemployed are taking food stamps to provide needed family subsistence.

Underemployment is especially important because of legislation (SB 6307) sponsored by Republicans during the last session to preempt every local attempt to improve working conditions.

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ELECTION: We need Angel’s moderate approach

We’ve all seen what happens when legislators on opposing sides of the aisle quit talking to each other and can’t find areas of common ground. Things shut down, rhetoric ramps up and very little gets accomplished. We all lose.

Like the other Washington, we don’t have one-party rule in our state. We need to elect legislators who represent our values but who also can work with people who are ideologically different. With a 25-24 state Senate, this is critical. An open-minded legislator can accomplish a lot for our area, a rigid ideologue not so much.

Thankfully we have a candidate

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RECORDS: Lawmakers try to reduce public access

Well, there they go again. State and local lawmakers continue to attack our Public Records Act, which helps ensure the public’s right to know what our governments are doing.

For example, in our state House, a sizable number of representatives – let’s say the Gang of 26 – sponsored House Bill 1128. Five notable culprits of that gang are state Reps. Dawn Morrell, D-Puyallup; Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard; Larry Seaquist, D-Gig Harbor; Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma; and Tami Green, D-Lakewood.

I’m tired of people reaching into my wallet without my knowledge and permission, and then preventing taxpayers from knowing about the

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ELECTION: 26th District needs Seaquist’s leadership

Re-electing Larry Seaquist to represent the 26th Legislative District is essential. He’s cut $5 million from Tacoma Narrows Bridge overhead by reducing staffing from a bloated 24 to just six workers. Thanks to Seaquist and Derek Kilmer, we won’t be paying millions in bridge-related sales taxes during the next five years.

He’s stopped bonuses for state executives and saved millions by getting rid of unneeded consultants. He’s been instrumental in closing tax loopholes. When budget proposals called for cuts to Apple Health for kids and the state’s Basic Health program, Seaquist fought successfully to eliminate cuts to those essential services.

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ELECTION: Voters have a clear choice in the 26th District

Doug Richards supports the two-thirds majority vote before taxes can be increased. It’s an idea that 69 percent of the 26th District voted for, but Larry Seaquist calls that law “stupid.” Is Seaquist calling 69 percent of his constitutes “stupid”?

Richards supports making K-12 education a priority for the state budget, but Seaquist voted for budgets that cut the Peninsula School District $1.3 million and led to teacher pay cuts.

To circumvent the two-thirds majority requirement, Seaquist has made fees a new form of taxes. Seaquist sponsored and voted for bills that have raised taxes and fees 143 times. These

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ELECTION: Seaquist, Kilmer helpful to parks

Earlier this month, PenMet Parks asked the Washington State Department of Transportation to remove a piece of property that borders the Narrows Bridge off the auction block. Thanks to the leadership and quick actions of state Rep. Larry Seaquist and state Sen.Derek Kilmer, that piece of property can now be used by Pierce County or PenMet as a vital link to connect the Scott Pierson and Cushman trails.

I too have been frustrated at times with the results in Olympia, but removing Seaquist and Kilmer this election is not the answer. From my vantage point as a parks commissioner, they

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