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CONGRESS: Preserve fund for outdoor economy

I just returned from Washington, D.C., where I spoke with our members of Congress about the importance of investing in conservation and outdoor recreation through a little-known federal program with huge impacts: the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The fund provides essential tools to maintain working forests and jobs in the woods; preserve rural character; and also help build local parks, trails and protect wild spaces – a win-win for everyone.

This year, Washington needs $6 million to protect the Pysht River on the Olympic Peninsula and the South Puget Sound Coastal Forest on Hood Canal.

For forest products companies,

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RECREATION: Murray, Inslee saluted for outdoors leadership

Re: “Veterans climb above trauma on Mount Rainier” (Your Voice, 3-14).

Echoing fellow veteran Joshua Brandon, I’ve found visiting America’s national parks to be restorative and essential. After I returned from my tour of service, teaching my daughter firsthand about our natural heritage provided the respite I needed.

One program with an outsized impact on the unparalleled public parks network we fought to protect is the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The fund uses revenues from offshore oil and gas resources to protect outdoor recreation across the nation. But year after year, Congress has diverted most of

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CONGRESS: Continue investments in state’s outdoor heritage

Re: “Interior Department plan would benefit Nisqually Refuge” (thenewstribune.com, 2-16).

One of the reasons I love living in the Northwest is easy access to Mount Rainier National Park. I was overjoyed when I heard that the president’s budget requested funding to protect Mount Rainier through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

I’m not alone. Many people and businesses locate in Washington, and choose to spend their money here, because of our unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities.

The LWCF is our nation’s principal funding source for local, state and national parks; trails; wildlife refuges; and working forests, farms and ranches.

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CONGRESS: Fund land and water conservation

Most people would agree that Theodore Roosevelt did more for conservation in this country than any other person then or since. He was born into a privileged family, and his conservation ethic did not come as a result of his birthright. He was fascinated with nature from the time he could walk and he constantly returned to the outdoors to re-energize his body and soul.

Along the way he came to fully understand and appreciate the essence of and foundation that nature played in our livelihood. That understanding evolved into a belief that our natural resources belonged “to the public

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