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ARMSTRONG: Put scandal into perspective

It is difficult to defend the doping accusations to which Lance Armstrong has now admitted, but there is a public misconception as to exactly what “doping” means.

The public thinks of heroin, cocaine, meth and marijuana when we say “doping,” but the substances used by Armstrong were more stimulants than narcotics and were not illegal or proven harmful but were prohibited by the sport.

Armstrong put in many, many hours of training and conditioning to perform as he did, and performance enhancing drugs or not, he is a superb athlete. You can’t take the average Joe off the street, pump

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CYCLING: Recognize Olympics-bound athletes

On June 15, the men’s and women’s cycling teams for the 2012 Olympic Games were announced. This was not reported in The News Tribune. There have, however, in the last week been two reports on the recent U.S. Anti-Doping Agency charges against Lance Armstrong.

I understand that cycling is not a major sport in the United States, but this choice of stories disturbs me. Obviously, Armstrong is well known and the scope of the charges against him are so significant that it demands reporting. But the local connection to the 2012 Olympic Team is significant as well.

Of the 21

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SPORTS: Keep ethics issues out of courtrooms

Re: “A matter of conscience, not of criminal indictments” (Eugene Robinson column, 5-27).

Hurray for Robinson. For a long time I have been really peeved at the interference of political and legal bodies in the ethics of athletics. It seems to me that enhancement drugs, gambling on the game, etc., are internal issues related to the particular sport and not a matter to be put before congressional hearings and the court. I felt this way about Pete Rose’s issues, and I certainly feel the same about baseball and Lance Armstrong.

You cannot expect athletes to do nothing when compatriots use

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