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LAKEWOOD: No need to revisit a bad idea at park

The Lakewood Parks and Recreation Advisory Board scheduled a neighborhood forum for Tuesday, March 24, in Fort Steilacoom Park to revisit a bad idea: building a performing venue in the park for future extravaganzas (TNT, 5-25).

This white elephant is being promoted by the Lakewood Rotary, which wants to build and maintain a complex with some grant but, in the end, mostly public money to promote venues that profit Lakewood Rotary.

Anyway, the meeting was rescheduled to a new location with almost no notice. About 50 people, all of whom oppose the project, showed up at the original park location.


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TILLICUM: Keep garden growing where it is

Re: “Tillicum garden gets the boot” (TNT, 2-24).

You have to be kidding! The reason that was given for the TREE Program to no longer continue at the Tillicum Community Center is ridiculous.

It would be one thing if this garden had a weedy, messy appearance, but obviously from the photo of this garden this is not the case. In fact it looks so clean compared to the appearance of many other community gardens this time of the year.

The TREE garden seems to have everything a community garden started in a low-income area should have: education for its young

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LAKEWOOD: Mall planners missed an opportunity

Re: “Lakewood has big dreams for Towne Center” (TNT, 2-2).

I’m sure it is too late, now, and too expensive, but how sad that the first mall in Lakewood was not built with the creek underneath it as part of the plan.

I have lived in the Lakes district since only the Visitation Villa was there. How nice to have had that lovely area planned around the natural beauty and perhaps a restaurant row along the creek.

The whole of Lakewood was open to a good plan, but no one was able to accomplish much except Norton Clapp.


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TRAFFIC: Lakewood-Tillicum bike lane would help

Re: “Officials have plan but no funds for I-5″ (TNT, 1-14).

A significant issue which was overlooked in the article about chronic Interstate 5 traffic congestion in the Joint Base Lewis-McChord area is the absence of any connecting link (other than I-5 itself) between Lakewood and Tillicum.

A new frontage road between the Gravelly Lake and Thorn Lane exits should be an important part of the long-range I-5 rebuilding plan. In the meantime, and at only modest expense, a simple, fence-separated bicycle and pedestrian path could be built alongside the noise-reduction walls south of the freeway.

This would allow well-separated and safer travel

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LAKEWOOD: Officer is vital to the community

I was truly dismayed when I read there was a possibility that Lakewood Community Service Officer Dawn McGinnis could lose her job due to budget issues (TNT, 11-4).

McGinnis is so vital to the Lakewood community. I’ve called her several times over the years, and she’s always willing to step in and do what she can to solve the problem.

We don’t want anyone to laid off, but I hope and pray that the Lakewood City Council will do everything possible to keep McGinnis. The Lakewood community needs her.


LAKEWOOD: Where has the vision gone?

Re: “Lakewood seeks details on immigrant children” (TNT, 7-10).

This article was quite disturbing, and I worry that it indicates a trend. The vision of community that shaped the creation of Lakewood seems to be gone from its elected officials and city manager.

The ideas of selling parks as parking lots, building a white-elephant amphitheater in a natural area and now ignoring the plight of children for the sake of national and party politics is not the vision of community that I know founded Lakewood.

Community is not built with code words disguised as inquiry, since it appears that

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LAKEWOOD: Medical care seems lacking

Recently I relocated to Lakewood from South Bend, Indiana. As a retired nurse and patient, I am surprised at what appears to be a lack of up-to-date medical facilities in Lakewood.

Indiana has one-stop medical clinics. All physicians including specialists are located in one facility. The lab, X-rays, MRIs, etc. are located in the same building. Rarely do you need to leave the building for care.

The clinics are large, so ill patients do not transmit illness easily. Appointments are easily made, and physicians are graded on the quality of care given.

I have had no luck finding a physician

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AMTRAK: Lakewood residents’ concerns ignored

Re: “New station plans more popular at hearing” (TNT, 6-27).

It’s nice that Tacoma officials are finally happy about their new proposed station. It’s nice that the Washington State Department of Transportation is working with the City of Tacoma to come up with a viable solution for their station. But the article about the new Amtrak station talks as if South Tacoma is the only community Amtrak is going through on its new Point Defiance bypass route.

What about the residents and businesses in Lakewood and Tillicum, some no more than 20 or 30 feet from the railroad right

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