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ELECTION: Ben Gonter for Lakewood City Council

For decades, I used to live in Lakewood. I graduated from Lakes High School, married there and my two children were born there.

I am embarrassed by the way the city of Lakewood currently looks and the way it is governed. It looks old and run down compared to neighboring cities DuPont and University Place.

I am embarrassed that there are so many vacant stores there. I am embarrassed that military personnel are being told not to move to Lakewood because of its high crime and poor schools.

If you are satisfied with the way Lakewood looks, its many vacant

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US OPEN: Lakewood gets to be the doormat

Fort Steilacoom Park is the crown jewel of Lakewood, offering venues for sports, events, dogs and enjoying nature. To support events in the park, small areas of the tall, flowing grasslands are mowed to be used as temporary parking areas for events.

The citizens of Lakewood have relied on the city to protect the park when issuing use permits for events by denying permits for activities that have no relationship to the park, which limit general use of the park or that require modification to the park.

The city was naive to allow a park to become a parking lot. The tall

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POLICE: Protesters’ outrage is misdirected

The front page of the May 23 News Tribune shows a shoplifter throwing a case of beer at a store employee in Olympia. The shoplifter and his accomplice are both later shot by an investigating officer.

As in other recent officer-involved shootings, up jump the protesters and anarchists howling for police reform. Acts of civil disobedience ensue, cries of outrage and civic indignation ring. Yet the facts are not all in.

Page 3 of that same edition of The News Tribune carried the headline, “Father suspected in beating of girl, 2.” According to the article, Lakewood officers see him hanging her

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LAKEWOOD: It’s easy to second-guess police

Re: “Rethink use of force policy and police oversight in Lakewood” (Your Voice, 5-18).

I love Monday morning quarterbacks, especially the ones who didn’t even watch the game.

I had the opportunity to discuss (and learn about) the issue of lethal force with a Lakewood Police Department detective. Another self-appointed expert present at the time asked, “Why do you shoot to kill?”

The answer was immediate, forthright and courteous: “We don’t shoot to kill; we eliminate the threat. There are only three seconds in which to (make that decision).”

Those three seconds probably pass quickly. The poor man who was shot

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LAKEWOOD: Leaders absent at vigil for slain man

I just returned from the vigil at the Lakewood Police Station in memory of Daniel Covarrubias, shot last week by two Lakewood police officers.

The small crowd, largely young and diverse, plus a few members of the victim’s family, listened to a few short speeches, then, carrying candles, marched to the scene of the homicide to place a memorial.

The crowd’s burning question: Why hadn’t the officers been interviewed as of Tuesday? Speakers pointed out that a civilian shooter would have been arrested immediately and interrogated, possibly at length.

While angry signs berated the police, photos of the deceased were titled:

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LAKEWOOD: Why delay getting statements?

Re: “Police in no rush to get statements from officers” (TNT, 4-29).

I am not an attorney, but I did graduate from law school. On the first day of class, I was witness to two examples of the problems inherent with “eyewitness testimony.”

The first occurred in Tort Law and the second in Criminal Law. A staged theft of the professor’s valise provided the class with a variety of witness statements. I heard the contradictory statements of the witnesses.

The report that the Lakewood police are “in no rush to get statements from officers” goes against what I learned

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LAKEWOOD: Where is police accountability?

I’m surprised that in the current political climate that the Lakewood Police Department is withholding information about the shooting of Daniel Covarrubias. According to a News Tribune article (4-23), “. . . the department will not identify the officers, reveal whether a weapon was found at the scene or talk about the investigation until the involved officers give their statements about what happened.”

I am also surprised that the state allows the city to pick and choose who will investigate this shooting; with the current climate we need independent investigations. It would seem that the Lakewood police have established themselves as having

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TINTED WINDOWS: Why not enforce the RCW?

Re: “Washington a lenient state when it comes to tinted car windows” (Traffic Q&A, 4-20).

I asked these very same questions about overly tinted windows, and the RCW that makes them illegal, to the Lakewood police hierarchy just a few months after the officer shootings in 2009. I was told it wasn’t worth their time to stop every vehicle with windows too dark to see the interior of the vehicle.

But on Feb. 9, 2011, a man in Lakewood was shot and killed by Lakewood police. A News Tribune article quoted a Lakewood police officer as saying that officers couldn’t see into

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