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LAKEWOOD: Where has the vision gone?

Re: “Lakewood seeks details on immigrant children” (TNT, 7-10).

This article was quite disturbing, and I worry that it indicates a trend. The vision of community that shaped the creation of Lakewood seems to be gone from its elected officials and city manager.

The ideas of selling parks as parking lots, building a white-elephant amphitheater in a natural area and now ignoring the plight of children for the sake of national and party politics is not the vision of community that I know founded Lakewood.

Community is not built with code words disguised as inquiry, since it appears that

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LAKEWOOD: Medical care seems lacking

Recently I relocated to Lakewood from South Bend, Indiana. As a retired nurse and patient, I am surprised at what appears to be a lack of up-to-date medical facilities in Lakewood.

Indiana has one-stop medical clinics. All physicians including specialists are located in one facility. The lab, X-rays, MRIs, etc. are located in the same building. Rarely do you need to leave the building for care.

The clinics are large, so ill patients do not transmit illness easily. Appointments are easily made, and physicians are graded on the quality of care given.

I have had no luck finding a physician

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AMTRAK: Lakewood residents’ concerns ignored

Re: “New station plans more popular at hearing” (TNT, 6-27).

It’s nice that Tacoma officials are finally happy about their new proposed station. It’s nice that the Washington State Department of Transportation is working with the City of Tacoma to come up with a viable solution for their station. But the article about the new Amtrak station talks as if South Tacoma is the only community Amtrak is going through on its new Point Defiance bypass route.

What about the residents and businesses in Lakewood and Tillicum, some no more than 20 or 30 feet from the railroad right

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LAKEWOOD: What’s needed are middle-class jobs

Re: “Multicar-garage homes and nice lawns are what Lakewood wants to attract” (TNT, 5-21).

To build and sell $400,000 homes in Lakewood requires a middle-class population that can afford to buy them. Unfortunately, the middle class, as a whole, is not doing so well.

Politics and the recession are still taking a toll on what is left of the middle class. There are far too many service jobs that pay at the low end of the pay scale and not enough middle-class jobs that pay in the area of $100,000 and up.

Some families have both spouses working to

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LAKEWOOD: Amphitheater a bad fit for park

The News Tribune’s editorial support (3-31) for the proposed amphitheater in Fort Steilacoom Park is misplaced.

I was also a bit shocked to learn that there was not one cautionary vote from the Lakewood City Council. We appreciate the work that the Rotary Club of Lakewood has done for the park by helping build the ball fields and playground. I submit, however, that this latest project goes way too far.

At its most fundamental level it will put an end to the park as a park. A park is a place of
repose, a place where families can

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LAKEWOOD: Change city charter and end dictatorship

Citizens of Lakewood are ruled by a dictatorship. Residents pay the taxes yet have no participation in selecting the mayor; the position is passed around within the City Council.

The chief of police, city manager and city attorney are all appointed by the council. While council members are voted into office, the other votes cast by residents are for fire and school bonds and levies. Residents have no say in city government functions or project improvements.

The city spent $5 million on two concrete triangles that hinder traffic on Bridgeport Way. Citizens have their property value decreased by group home

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MARIJUANA: Heed voters and implement I-502

What is with these small-time, penny-ante politicians deciding they know what’s best for their constituents? Initiative 502 was successfully voted into state law well over a year ago, and here we sit while they drag their feet and quake with fear over federal intervention.

The city councils of Puyallup, Sumner, Lakewood and University Place have no business arbitrarily deciding what’s best for me. They are not my mother; in fact, my 76-year-old mother voted yes on I-502 and is completely in favor of full legal access for responsible adults.

If they are concerned that military personnel do not have sufficient

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LAKEWOOD: What drives City Council decisions?

On Feb 10, the Lakewood Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, along with the director of parks, made a recommendation to the Lakewood City Council to ban smoking in city parks.

They stated smoking goes against the image of creating a healthy Lakewood community. They referenced studies on the effects of secondhand smoke, but what they didn’t present was the studies on secondhand smoke in an open-air environment. In the same recommendation they recommended lifting the ban on alcohol in the parks.

At the following meeting, there was a 4-3 vote to ban smoking within 50 feet of events and a

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