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LAKEWOOD: Police need better communication skills

Recently on my way to work I was a victim of a speed trap in Lakewood. The Lakewood motorcycle officer was strikingly arrogant and with an angry voice and manner issued me my ticket.

I am also a public servant, a hospital nurse of 42 years. Being treated as if I was a criminal was totally unacceptable. Discussing this matter at work revealed that many of the nurses and doctors have also been treated without respect by Lakewood police.

I called this officer’s supervisor, whose comments were, “Did he use profanity?” and “You were speeding. I don’t see a problem.”

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KILLINGS: Memorial marred by misspelling

Like hundreds of others today, I visited the Forza coffee shop in Parkland to remember and extend my heartfelt respect to the fallen four and view the memorial.

The prayerful and tender repose under solemn gray skies befitting mournful moments was abruptly disrupted upon taking notice of an officer’s name. On the memorial, it is written Mark Rennenger.

His last name is Renninger.

There is no place for sloppy and careless work on a memorial for the enormous tragedy and loss for the men and women in blue who serve and protect, for their families, our community and the state.

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KILLINGS: Let the blue lights shine on

Recently those terrible days a year ago have been in the news. It helps in the healing process, and I for one cannot even begin to imagine what the families have been through and still deal with on a day-to-day basis.

As a community we all need to show that those fine young officers are forever in our thoughts and leave a blue light burning on our front porch or in our front window at night. Remember that their fellow officers are still out there protecting us all ever yday and every night and they need to see those

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LAKEWOOD: Police offer example of fiscal resposibility

Re: “New pep, power for squad cars” (TNT, 7-20).

The Lakewood Police Department is refurbishing its patrol cars – spending about half the cost of new cruisers, upgrading them to better serve the demands of police duty and spending the money in the community.

Such fiscal responsibility in government should be applauded loud and long. Whenever eco-friendly, economic stimulus, responsible public service is given, these people deserve our recognition and thanks.