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POLICE: Our officers deserve public support

With the anniversary Tuesday of the brutal slayings of the four Lakewood police officers, it saddens me to see so much negative attention focused on law enforcement.

Two years ago I watched as thousands of people lined the streets to honor these fallen officers. It’s a shame that it takes such a horrible event to bring out the goodness in people and simple things as a YouTube video to pass such quick judgment on police officers.

I would like to thank all the men and women of law enforcement for the selfless work that they do. I will not forget

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LAKEWOOD: Others played major memorial role

Thanks to Kathleen Merryman for her column (9-6) encouraging a welcome-home parade to our soldiers and airmen at Joint Base Lewis-McChord who have served so admirably this past year in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As mentioned in the article, I fully support the event and am eager to assist in its planning. I do wish to clarify that while I had a part in supporting the memorial for our fallen Lakewood police officers, the majority of that sterling effort was accomplished by Tom Minor and his Pierce County Emergency Management Team.

(Saunders is a former Lakewood police chief.)


CLEMMONS: Cop killer’s sister faces biased jury

On Nov. 29, 2009, Maurice Clemmons walked into the Forza coffeeshop in Parkland and gunned down four Lakewood police officers, marking the worst incident in the state’s history involving the deaths of law enforcement officials.

Because of the impact of this heinous crime on the local community it will certainly be difficult to find an impartial juror. Although Clemmons’ sister, LaTanya Clemmons, has admitted to giving money to Dorcus Allen, who drove the getaway car, to rent a motel room and for bus fare, she contends that her actions were in no way related to the horrific murders that

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CLEMMONS: John Wilkes Booth Syndrome in Pierce County?

Our nation was unable to put John Wilkes Booth on trial for Lincoln’s assassination, since he was killed by Union troops. The nation wanted more revenge and a trial. They rounded up anyone associated with Booth, including the doctor who set his leg and even his landlady. One of the persons they hanged was most likely innocent.

A police officer killed Maurice Clemmons following the murder of four Lakewood police officers, leaving us without a trial for him. Pierce County has charged everyone thought to have assisted him. I believe several knowingly were involved. His sister, LaTanya Clemmons, is now

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