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LAKEWOOD: It’s easy to second-guess police

Re: “Rethink use of force policy and police oversight in Lakewood” (Your Voice, 5-18).

I love Monday morning quarterbacks, especially the ones who didn’t even watch the game.

I had the opportunity to discuss (and learn about) the issue of lethal force with a Lakewood Police Department detective. Another self-appointed expert present at the time asked, “Why do you shoot to kill?”

The answer was immediate, forthright and courteous: “We don’t shoot to kill; we eliminate the threat. There are only three seconds in which to (make that decision).”

Those three seconds probably pass quickly. The poor man who was shot

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LAKEWOOD: Leaders absent at vigil for slain man

I just returned from the vigil at the Lakewood Police Station in memory of Daniel Covarrubias, shot last week by two Lakewood police officers.

The small crowd, largely young and diverse, plus a few members of the victim’s family, listened to a few short speeches, then, carrying candles, marched to the scene of the homicide to place a memorial.

The crowd’s burning question: Why hadn’t the officers been interviewed as of Tuesday? Speakers pointed out that a civilian shooter would have been arrested immediately and interrogated, possibly at length.

While angry signs berated the police, photos of the deceased were titled:

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LAKEWOOD: Where is police accountability?

I’m surprised that in the current political climate that the Lakewood Police Department is withholding information about the shooting of Daniel Covarrubias. According to a News Tribune article (4-23), “. . . the department will not identify the officers, reveal whether a weapon was found at the scene or talk about the investigation until the involved officers give their statements about what happened.”

I am also surprised that the state allows the city to pick and choose who will investigate this shooting; with the current climate we need independent investigations. It would seem that the Lakewood police have established themselves as having

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CRIME: Manos’ sentence likely not so stiff

Re: “Prosecutors seek stiff sentence for ex-cop” (TNT, 6-27).

Only a single count of wire fraud? Skeeter Manos may see prison time, but not in a facility where he would come into contact with any general prison population because of his history as a former police officer.

Court-ordered restitution is a joke. It is no longer enforced and monitored by the Department of Corrections. Skeeter cannot be made to pay the court-ordered restitution. If he chooses not to pay it, he cannot be punished any further; it is turned over to collections and declared uncollectable.

His crime, as despicable

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LAKEWOOD: Fallen officers’ trust tunds are safe

As the facts unfold about the unconscionable actions of one member of the Lakewood Police Guild, the trustees of the Lakewood Fallen Officers’ Trust Fund want there to be clarity in understanding the handling of the funds so lovingly donated.

The outreach from the public was so swift and generous that the funds were deposited into the Lakewood Police Guild’s charitable account. Immediately work began to establish the trust. That required trustees to be chosen; lawyers writing the documents, accountants and financial advisers being interviewed and selected; and the funds transferred to the established trust.

All the monies that were

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LAKEWOOD: Don’t judge LPD by one officer

Re: “Officer allegedly took $151,000 from charity” (TNT, 2-9).

I agree that what that officer is charged with doing was very wrong. But to mention that he was with the “bar sweep team” is irrelevant and should not have been mentioned.

My partner and I worked dozens of times with the team, which did a lot to stop crime in Lakewood.

The Lakewood Police Department has some of the best officers around. I don’t believe one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. They have heroes in that department. I ask the public to not judge the Lakewood Police Department

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LAKEWOOD: Former officer was a good cop

Re: “Lakewood officer lied about crash” (TNT, 7-18).

I have recently moved out of state, but as I still call Tacoma home, I keep up with the local news. Seeing the reports alleging that Lakewood police officer Adam Leonard lied about the events surrounding his crash this spring has made my heart incredibly heavy – not because I feel duped by someone in whom a great deal of trust has been placed, but because I know a great man’s name is being falsely tarnished.

I am not the kind of person who believes police officers are inherently more honorable than

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CRIME: Jury finds defendant ‘not guilty,’ not ‘innocent’

In your editorial (5-22) regarding the jury findings in the Maurice Clemmons cases, you stated that the jury found the defendant to be innocent in an earlier case. For your information, juries do not have the legal right to find a defendant “innocent.” Juries make a finding of guilty, not guilty or guilty by reason of insanity only.

The jury in the earlier Clemmons case made a finding of “not guilty.” The is a huge difference between “innocent” and “not guilty.” A prime example is State of California vs. O.J. Simpson. Not guilty means there was reasonable doubt in the

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