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GAGA: Some don’t get her anti-bullying message

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” tour arrived at the Tacoma Dome, and what did we witness? No problems with the adult and teen concertgoers, but a group from Florida funding an airplane to fly a banner “Not Born This Way” and bringing protesters to harass the peaceful line of attendees.

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” message is a message for any kid who is bullied for any reason. That does include gay kids. It also includes overweight kids, skinny kids, kids of all races, girls, boys, nonathletes, artists and kids with any other imperfection perceived to make them different.


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TACOMA: Dome did right by this Gaga fan

Re: “Dome didn’t do right by Gaga fans” (letter, 8-25).

While I’m sorry the writer from Sammamish had a bad experience and vowed never to return to events at the Tacoma Dome, I had the complete opposite experience when my cousin and I went to see Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball.

When we were in need of information, there were many Dome employees on hand. They were all courteous, and if they didn’t know the answer they found someone who did.

Between the opening act and Lady Gaga the police (several) had to escort a woman under the influence of something

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TACOMA: Dome isn’t worse than other venues

Re: “Dome didn’t do right by Gaga fans” (letter, 8-25).

The writer singling out the Tacoma Dome for lack of security at the recent Lady Gaga concert obviously does not attend many live shows.

I started going to music events in 1968, starting with the Jimi Hendrix Seattle homecoming, and over the last 40 plus years have encountered a broad spectrum of poor crowd management at every major Northwest venue – everything from a fan leaping to his demise at a Seattle Led Zeppelin show to a foul-mouthed 15-year-old showering my wife with all the liquor he had consumed before

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TACOMA: Dome didn’t do right by Gaga fans

I treated my daughters and niece to the Lady Gaga concert at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday night. As an attendee, you expect to be with people from many walks of life. You also expect in a venue like the Tacoma Dome, you are in a place that is safe, secure, clean and well monitored by staff.

During the concert, a fistfight broke out behind us.Tacoma Dome security was nowhere to be found. This fight ended when a group of innocent bystanders broke it up – people who came to enjoy the show and were forced to get involved. My

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