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MIA: Many still missing from the Korean War

Re: “The last mission: Bringing MIAs home” (editorial, 3-11).

The editorial failed to mention the Korean War missing in action. The Korean War is often referred to as “the forgotten war.”

MIAs from the Korean War still number more than 7,500 – including my dad, who was a B-26 pilot. We are all still hoping for recovery and identification of our loved ones. There have been successful search and recoveries in North Korea since the mid-1990s, but North Korea has prevented such activities for the past few years.

The United States paid North Korea for each search activity. Our

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JBLM: Another war, another noise complaint

Re: “Flying low, loud, late and illegal near JBLM” (TNT, 8-4).

Oh, the poor things! The article on Joint Base Lewis-McChord helicopter noise brought back memories to this old retired Air Force pilot.

It was during our “forgotten war” in Korea that this young pilot was sent to Palm Beach Air Force Base, Fla., to complete transition into a new aircraft. After completing ground school we eagerly started learning to fly the new machines and were somewhat surprised and dismayed to be told that takeoffs were to be after 9 a.m. and all landings before 5 p.m.

After all,

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KOREAN WAR: Account of Chinese attack was spot-on

Re: “Ex-GIs remember ‘forgotten’ war 60 years on” (TNT, 6-13).

Thank you so very much for printing this article in your paper. It was well done and gave a brief, but true account of what happened there.

I remember that night in November 1950 when the Chinese attacked. My policy was to never remove my boots at night, so I had them on in my sleeping bag.

One thing you should know: Most of us in my platoon had body lice. I became infected in October 1950 and kept them until March 1951. There was no way to get

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