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CLIMATE: Carbon tax is working in B.C.

I’m glad President Obama recognizes that there is no Planet B after we succeed in destroying this one. British Columbia enacted a carbon tax in 2008. Since then its GDP has increased, its unemployment is slightly below the Canadian national average and fuel consumption per head has dropped by 4.5 percent.

Its successful carbon tax is based on revenue neutrality (no net tax increase), phased implementation, protection for families and broad coverage.

The Koch Industries leases 1.1 million acres in Canada’s oil sand regions of Alberta. A think tank study found that approval of the Keystone pipeline could generate $100 billion in profits

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ELECTION: People should vote their conscience

In July I wrote a letter suggesting five reasons to vote Democratic. They referred to positive positions Democrats took regarding the minimum wage, extending unemployment benefits, believing in climate change and working to fix environmental problems caused by it, Obamacare (which is working terrifically despite negative or tepid press) and supporting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I indicated there were many more reasons, including Paycheck Fairness, the Violence Against Women Act, opposing Citizens United and establishing a fair way to get views more equally expressed, and working on the problem of income inequality.

The purpose of this letter, though,

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GUNS: Harry Reid is right about rich donors

The funding lining up to support Initiative 594 reads like an A-list of the Democratic elite: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, $1 million; Bill and Melinda Gates, $1 million; Nick Hanauer, $1 million; Steve and Connie Ballmer, $600,000; Paul Allen, $500,000.

I personally thought Costco using our state initiative process to change the liquor business was reprehensible, but the funding for I-594 is nothing short of perversion.

It’s my understanding the initiative process was put in place to give the citizens of Washington state an avenue to make or amend laws, not for corporations to increase profit or for wealthy political ideologues to

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KOCH BROTHERS: Why do we overlook liberal mega-donors?

Re: “It seems there’s no escaping the billionaire Koch brothers” (TNT, 7-17).

According to writer Rekha Basu, the Koch brothers are the denizens of the political world, using their wealth to exploit the system for selfish gain. I wonder if the $1.4 million donated to Democratic candidates, leadership PACs and party committees (according to Politico) since 2000 falls into that realm as well.

Perhaps if the brothers upped the amount to the Democrats, there would be less hue and cry from Basu, Sen. Harry Reid, et al.

In February 2014, the Center for Responsive Politics listed the 10 biggest political

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ELECTION: Is TNT only concerned about JZ Knight donations?

Re: “Bigotry? Thurston Dems give Ramtha a pass” (editorial, 5-15).

Your editorial suggests you want to ensure that political contributions are of the highest order.

Why has a story from 2012 resurfaced? Because the Freedom Foundation worries about donations from JZ Knight to local Democrats in 2014. In 2013, Knight supported Democrat Mary Hall. Hall defeated a Republican candidate backed by the Freedom Foundation to become the first Democratic auditor in Thurston County in 71 years.

Your editorial failed to mention that the Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment videos were edited. Two people who illegally disseminated the videos admitted to editing

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ENERGY: Don’t roll back solar incentives

Re: “Solar energy rules under attack from conservatives” (TNT, 4-21).

The article on efforts to roll back state incentives for policies that favor green energy points out that the big utilities and such “conservative” actors as the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist are behind the misleading and counterproductive campaign. They assert that net-metering solar power producers do not pay to maintain the power grid, which is clearly false.

As one homeowner with solar panels tied to the grid, I can tell you that I do pay a customer charge for that connection, beyond what I pay for electricity I

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POLITICS: Koch brothers behind tea party shutdown

It’s well documented that the Koch brothers funded the national tea party rallies. They’re now behind the tea party’s government shutdown.

The Kochs have long promoted their own brand of libertarianism, which purports to be about freedom from government interference. But their plan is to wreck our government so they can take it over.

The strategy of the billionaire’s club is to divide and conquer. High-paid operatives have perfected the old game of feeding grass-roots bias to splinter the opposition and pit citizen against citizen. Neighbor blames neighbor instead of recognizing the real enemies of democracy.

Professional propagandists have honed

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ELECTION: Angel’s claims contradicted by performance

Voters may find 26th District state Rep. Jan Angel charming, but they should pay more attention to her performance as a legislator. She claims to be an advocate for families, education and women, but her voting record tells a different story. She has a history of putting the interests of her corporate handlers ahead of her constituents.

She claims she does not pass prepackaged ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) bills off as her own, but that is exactly how she got to be ALEC co-chair for the state of Washington.

ALEC owes its success at placing corporate special interest bills

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