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JBLM: Pierce County gets left behind again

Re: “500 make case against troop cuts” (TNT, 1-22).

I attended the public forum Wednesday at Clover Park Technical College on the Army proposal to cut back 11,000 civilian and military jobs at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. It struck me that once again Pierce County is being left behind by our state and national representatives.

If Boeing were proposing to cut 11,000 jobs in King and Snohomish counties, I am sure that the state and national political leaders would respond loud and clear in opposition, as well as finding tax incentives for the jobs to stay.

At the forum, we heard

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TOLLS: WSDOT could use tried-and-true strategy

I see that the  Washington State Department of Transportation has sent out Interstate 90 toll surveys to Mercer Island residents.

I live in Gig Harbor and daily pay a toll to cross the  Narrows Bridge. When building a new Narrows bridge was put to a vote in Pierce County, it could not get the majority vote to pass. So the DOT solution was to expand the voting area to include King County. They finally got the majority needed to construct the bridge.

Now DOT is having difficulty getting approval for a new state Route 520 floating bridge in King County.

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PENSIONS: Series not about state workers

The recent series on abuse of pension benefits by government retirees is important (TNT, 4-7), and it deserves a full-blown investigation by the state auditor. I write, however, to expand on a concern expressed by a letter writer (TNT, 4-10).

The boxes describing the series in The News Tribune stated that it was about “the benefits state workers receive.” A person who read the articles knows that this is not true. It leads to an impression that the problem is with the benefits of state workers. In fact, all of those cited in the stories were never state

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AUBURN: Fire district needs voter support

I am a 28-year fire service veteran and retired chief officer from the Auburn Fire Department. I am also a resident in King County Fire District 44, where I served as a commissioner for six years.

I urge my fellow citizens to approve Fire District 44 Proposition 1 in the upcoming election. Like ourselves, our fire district has been a victim of the recession. It is important to remember that we are a volunteer fire department, supported by a small professional staff. The current fiscal situation is dire, and support staff have already been laid off.

The reduction in what

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TRANSIT: Agencies’ services need to be consolidated

Re: “Transit may eliminate 40 vanpools” (TNT, 3-11).

The elimination of vanpools is a sad indication of a well-meant government program sinking into the morass of multiple bureaucracies.

These vanpools – created to reduce traffic, the need for parking and a reduction of pollution – are a good idea. But as the region grew, each municipality needed a transit agency. Eventually, as these communities grew, we were left with overlapping and redundant systems.

Pierce County, King County, Snohomish County, Kitsap County and Sound Transit each has a territory with resulting management and bureaucracies fighting to survive. Each has six-figure management

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THE NOSE: Odds stacked against secessionists

Re: “Some ain’t just whistling ‘Dixie’ east of the mountains” (The Nose, 11-30).

The Nose failed to note that it would not be just a Washington state issue for Eastern Washington to secede from Western Washington and, I assume, establish a new state. Congress, specifically the Senate, would have to approve.

Why would a Democratic majority allow a 51st state that would most likely elect two additional Republican senators? The population of Eastern Washington may not make much of an impact in the U.S. House, but two GOP senators would in the Senate.

But aside from reality, sticking with

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FIREWORKS: Let county voters decide the issue

Independence Day is only recognized nationally as a one-day holiday on July 4. Pierce County allows people to discharge in unincorporated areas a total of 108 hours during an eight-day period. It is difficult to understand why some people need eight days to celebrate a one-day holiday.

Maybe it is time for the Pierce County Council members to listen to residents’ complaints about discharging fireworks and review the steps taken by neighboring counties.

King County allows fireworks to be discharged in unincorporated areas only on July 4 from 9 a.m. to midnight. In 2011, Thurston County voters approved a ban

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GOP: 31st District has two caucus locations

Your Feb. 29 issue correctly stated the caucus location for the Pierce County portion of the 31st District. But a significant portion of this district lies in King County. There are two separate county chairpersons and very little coordination between the two entities as a state legislative unit.

In the greater Enumclaw area, our caucus location is at Auburn High School on March 3. With the price of gasoline, it will be difficult enough to get suburban and rural voters to a single caucus location without having them go to the wrong location.