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OIL: Reject Phase 4 of Keystone pipeline

A Keystone pipeline exists. We have been processing Canadian Athabasca oil since 2012.

Phase 1 is an 1,853-mile pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta; to Steele City, Nebraska; to Wood River/Patoka, Illinois, completed in June 2010. Phase 2 is a 298-mile pipeline from Steele City to Cushing, Oklahoma, completed in February 2011. Phase 3 is a proposed new pipeline from Cushing to Houston/Port Arthur, Texas. Phase 4 is the controversial new pipeline on a separate route from Hardisty, Alberta, to Steele City.

I would guess states, politicians, oil company executives and landowners would monetarily benefit, but a new pipeline route makes no

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OIL: Pipeline less risky than tanker shipping

Re: “Nothing good will come from Keystone pipeline” (Off the wire, 4-22).

The authors miss the big picture. If the Keystone XL pipeline is not built, Canada will continue to produce tar sand oil, because it is in its economic interest to do so. The tar sand oil will still be produced, refined and burned. So, building or not building the pipeline will have no effect on greenhouse gasses.

If the pipeline isn’t built, the Canadians will have to find another path to the market. That path is to increase the size of the pipelines to their West Coast

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OIL: Pipeline presents risks, but no benefits

On a cursory perusal, the Viewpoint (TNT, 10-5) by Canadian Consul General Denis Stevens seems to make a passable case for the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s what he doesn’t say that should concern us.

This proposed transnational pipeline, from Canada to Texas, will carry tar sands crude oil, a particularly corrosive crude. The company also proposes to use higher pressures in the pipeline than are presently allowed in the United States, creating a dangerous combination of highly pressurized toxic fluids being pumped all the way across the U.S.

Then there is the fact that there is nothing in this

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