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WEEDS: Remove and dispose of Scotch broom

Re: “Fruitful partnership between KP Lions and Park District continues” (newstribune.com, 7-10).

I am a member of a new group (Washington Scotch Broom Working Group) formed July 9 dedicated to the control and eradication of Scotch broom in Washington, particularly western Washington. It includes representatives from several county weed boards, tribal natural resource departments and environmental groups. We are working closely with the state’s Noxious Weed Control Board and Department of Transportation.

The article  included the statement that “it is prohibited to transport, buy, sell, offer for sale or distribute in plants, plant part or seed from.” The statement

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KEY PENINSULA: Fire department promises better response times

The Key Peninsula Fire Department is working to improve our emergency response. In November, the community passed a four-year levy to help us in this goal. We will be funding eight firefighters with this money. Four will be new positions, and four will be firefighters who would have been laid off because of budget constraints beyond the fire department’s control.

We have promised the public better response times, and that is what we will deliver. We expect to have all the new firefighters on board by the end of 2014. If response times have not improved by 2015, the board

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PIERCE COUNTY: TNT missed the real story

The News Tribune and many of its readers have had some fun with one of the County Council members who took some wrong turns and got lost heading to a meeting on the Key Peninsula (TNT, 4-26).

That’s understandable. Elected officials are fair game for public criticism, and I’m sure she is getting some ribbing from family and friends as well.

The News Tribune got lost itself in reporting about this meeting. Here are just a couple examples of what your readers could have learned.

Greg Anglemyer, president of the Key Peninsula Park District, discussed the park and recreation

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KEY PENINSULA: Only now they’re locking doors?

I was somewhat confused by a statement attributed to Key Peninsula residents after a deadly shootout in their neighborhood.

According to the article (TNT, 10-9), “Residents said they were nervous and some were taking the unprecedented step of locking their doors.” One resident said that there is lots of “illicit activity in the area” but mostly “burglaries and vandalism.”

These people live in the woods, and the sheriff’s deputies call the area “The Wild West”? And locking your doors is unprecedented?