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COUNTY: Republicans missed an opportunity

The Pierce County Council’s appointment of Kevin McCann as a judge in District Court is a missed opportunity by county Republicans to garner votes from conservatives in the black community by appointing Karl Williams to the bench.

For context, I will mention that I am black and conservative. I know many black conservatives who identify themselves as Democrats, but vote in favor of conservative issues. They don’t vote for conservative candidates as often because they perceive that conservatives do not appreciate the black perspective – conservative or not.

While I do not share this perception, I do anticipate a

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ELECTION: McCann has history of community service

As a former coordinator for Read 2 Me (formerly Werlin Reading Teams) I have known Kevin McCann for eight years and heartily support him for District Court judge.

Kevin has been a dedicated volunteer at McCarver Elementary School where he worked with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students as a reading tutor and mentor helping them to reach their reading grade levels. He also recruited colleagues from his office to become volunteers with him. Kevin’s unwavering support and genuine concern for the children of our community is a prime example of the type of person he is and the type

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ELECTION: Kevin McCann showed compassion for victims

I have known Kevin McCann for almost a decade and am proud to support him as a candidate for Pierce County District Court judge.

As the former program coordinator of the Forensic Nurse Examiner Services Program at Tacoma General Hospital, I worked with Kevin McCann when he was a deputy prosecutor in the Felony Sexual Assault Unit with the Pierce County Prosecutor’s office.

McCann was the lead prosecutor on many of the worst cases I handled while working as a forensic nurse examiner, including the successful prosecution of a defendant who abducted, tortured, strangled and sexually assaulted two women.


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ELECTION: McCann has earned public’s trust

Judge David Kenworthy’s thinly disguised political attack on deputy prosecutor Kevin McCann shows exactly why we need to elect McCann to the bench.

The McCann literature doesn’t attack Kenworthy or the court, but it does forcefully point out that we need to pay attention to every judicial race to ensure we elect ethical and experienced candidates. Inattention to judicial races gave us judges who were admonished and even convicted. The problems of one of our court systems affect them all. I’m confident that McCann will help restore the public trust in our judiciary.

I have known every candidate in this

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ELECTION: McCann’s campaign deceptive

Choosing not to run for re-election to Pierce County District Court, I planned to sit back, observe and enjoy the contest between those who are seeking to replace me. However, the campaign literature of one of the candidates, Kevin McCann, has so disturbed me that I no longer feel I can sit idly by.

Let me be very clear: These comments are mine and mine alone, not those of my colleagues presently serving on the District Court bench.

It offends me greatly that McCann’s literature intentionally and persistently blurs the lines between two entirely separate courts, Superior and District, to

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