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MARINERS: Don’t use Griffey as scapegoat

The brouhaha over whether Ken Griffey Jr. was asleep in the clubhouse last Saturday is deflecting attention away from the critical question: Why are the Mariners’ bats asleep?

When the Mariners GM and owner lured Griffey back to Seattle with a reasonably generous one-year renewable contract, it wasn’t to perform miracles. The once stellar and youthful All-Star outfielder and slugger is a 40-year-old injury-ridden DH, a shell of his former self. Griffey’s presence on the team is more of inspiration, not perspiration, and he is more of a legendary and living team mascot than the Mariner Moose could ever

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GRIFFEY: Sportswriters with an issue

I’m really angry with what appears to be an attempt to railroad Ken Griffey Jr. out of town. This man has done wonders for the team morale the last couple of years, and yet writers John McGrath and Larry Larue have focused on what he isn’t doing.

It is a shame. It didn’t just start with the “sleep” issue. They apparently have been digging for something for a week or more. It’s disgusting.