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UPLACE: Grassi’s comment self-serving

Re: “New Grassi’s sets sights on April opening dates” (TNT, 3-26).

I find Ken Grassi’s comment that “the community is starving,” in reference to the lack of restaurants in University Place, to be rather self-serving. He was one of the City Council members who threw out Mama Stortini’s to make room for the disaster now known as the Town Center.


UPLACE: Voters’ choices are important

The unfortunate Dale Washam saga has clearly demonstrated the fact that who we vote for is important. We voters need to be informed on who we are voting for and we need to hold those we elect accountable for their actions.

Two individuals who should be held accountable are University Place City Councilmen Ken Grassi and Stan Flemming. The legacy that they are leaving the city is that multimillion-dollar monument to civic mismanagement: the UP Town Center. They also leave us taxpayers with some of the highest property taxes in the region.

Now they are pursuing the opportunity to mismanage

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KEN GRASSI: Thanks for hanging in there

Re: “UP mayor owes $71,902 in back taxes” (TNT, 7-9).

I am also a small business owner, and I can relate and sympathize with Ken Grassi struggling to keep his business surviving in this state.

Unless you are employed by the state or your local government that offers full-time benefits, medical insurance, etc., a small business like the Grassis’ has very little chance of surviving, especially in these rough economic times.

I have never met the Grassis or, as far as I know, even patronized their floral shop. What I do know is this: theirs is a small business trying

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KEN GRASSI: Mayor’s sacrifice admirable

Re: “UP mayor owes $71,902 in back taxes” (TNT, 7-9).

If you examine the information given in the article it is very clear that Ken Grassi has chosen to suffer personally rather than reduce his staff through layoffs. This may appear to some to be an unwise business decision. However much can be said for treating employees as valuable and doing what it takes to retain them.

Regardless of your opinion of him as a businessman, his willingness to sacrifice personally for the good of others certainly says a great deal about him as a human being.


UPLACE: Muri keeps making false statement

Re: “Candidate’s Town Center remarks upset officials” (TNT, 6-21).

Dick Muri has stated that his comments about University Place’s Town Center are important to his campaign. He continues to state that UP will go broke because it can’t pay back the millions of dollars it borrowed to develop the Town Center project.

If this is so important to his campaign, why didn’t he tell the truth? He should have talked to Ken Grassi and the City Council for the facts before relying on rumors.

So the town project is moving slowly; it is still moving. A cafe with a

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