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OIL SPILL: Comparisons to Katrina are overwrought

I keep hearing that this oil spill is Obama’s Katrina? But is it?

Until we fill 1,800 body bags with the remains of our fellow Americans, until we use chainsaws to free grandmothers trapped in their attics, until we have half a million American citizens instantly homeless, until we even approach such a level of human suffering, I think we do a disservice to the people who fought to survive and to their loved ones who perished.

There exists a government agency whose duty it was to come to their aid in such a natural disaster. It was slow to

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PIERCE COUNTY: Levee failure, not Katrina, flooded NOLA

Re: “Pierce County anti-flood efforts ramp up” (TNT, 5-2).

The article contains the inaccurate statement by Pierce County Councilman Shawn Bunney that the devastating flooding of New Orleans was caused by Hurricane Katrina. As a native and lifelong resident of New Orleans, I feel compelled to correct the statement.

New Orleans was flooded by the collapse of the federally designed, built and controlled levee system which experienced catastrophic failure when confronted with the precise circumstance it was supposed to protect against. After more than four years of investigation, experts and the courts found that the U.S. Army Corps

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