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EDUCATION: Local nonprofit boosts college success

Re: “Efforts boost college success for low-income and minority students” (Katie Baird column, 5-22).

In response to Baird’s column, I would like to highlight several successful federally funded programs across Washington that are boosting college success for underrepresented students.

MDC, Making a Difference in Community, is a nonprofit agency in Tacoma that utilizes both federal funds and local support to implement educational programs for nearly 1,500 low-income and first-generation students in grades 7-12. MDC is committed to addressing the many barriers that hinder these students from persisting through high school and enrolling in college.

MDC’s educational programs provide services

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BIG GOVERNMENT: A welcome counterpoint to Baird

I wanted to thank The News Tribune for placing the viewpoint of John Kass of the Chicago Tribune directly under the weekly piece from Katie Baird.

As Baird makes her arguments, week after week for more and bigger government, it was great to see the description by Kass of just what happens when unbridled and unfunded government goes unchecked.

I hope fans of the Baird viewpoint continued reading Wednesday to see just what happens when government growth continues to surge both in good times and bad. I can only hope Washingtonians will see the light.


TAXES: ‘Fairness’ is nothing but political expediency

Over the last month, there has been a tax debate created largely by Mitt Romney paying 13.9 percent on his 2010 income. Katie Baird and many Democrats criticized Romney for paying such a low rate.

In 2004, presidential candidate John Kerry paid 13.1 percent on this 2003 income. Did the Democrats complain then? How about Katie Baird?

Our progressive tax system has not changed since 2004. Higher income earners pay at a higher tax rate than lower income earners. In fact, a new study by the Heritage Foundation found the lower 49.5 percent of taxpayers pay no income tax. Yes,

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TAXES: Baird’s right on taxing capital gains

Re: “Baird’s naive about tax rates” (letter, 2-4).

The one who “is naive or deliberately misleading” is the letter writer, not Katie Baird (column, 2-1). What he fails to understand, or purposely distorts, is the fact that it is the gain on his investment which is taxed, not the after-tax money he originally invested. Hence the name, capital gains tax, which is not double taxation as he states.

Gain on investments is the same as putting money into the credit union and earning interest which is taxed as ordinary income while the investment income receives a favorable tax

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TAXES: Baird’s naive about tax rates

Re: “Loopholes for wealthy weaken fairness of income tax system” (Katie Baird column, 2-1).

It’s amazing that a supposed economics professor can be either so naive or so deliberately misleading in writing about various tax rates.

She does not understand nor convey that people who generate income from capital gains use their own money that has already been taxed as ordinary income. Then, as they invest in financial instruments and companies to generate income, they are taxed again at 15 percent. So, those who choose to invest and provide working capital to companies who can provide jobs are taxed

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RETIREMENT: Don’t confuse deductions and subsidies

Re: “Government should help poor to save for retirement” (Katie Baird column, 12-21).

Baird states that the wealthy receive hundreds of billions of dollars of subsidies in the form of home mortgage deductions, favorable taxation in capital gains, and tax breaks for contributions to retirement and college savings plans.

I think that Baird is confusing tax deductions with subsidies. The items she mentioned are deductions, which reduce an individual’s taxable income, whereas a subsidy is a payment by the government to an individual. Unless one assumes that all money belongs to the government, there is a clear distinction between

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KATIE BAIRD: Professor misses rise in state spending

It’s with great trepidation that I read commentary from Katie Baird, associate professor of economics at the University of Washington Tacoma. If this is the person teaching our youth, our state and country are in real trouble!

In this week’s commentary (TNT, 12-7) Prof. Baird indicates that we have a revenue problem. If she really dug into the truth, she would find we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

What she would find is that since Chris Gregoire took office as governor six years ago, spending has gone out of control and past poor decisions have finally caught

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EDUCATION: Funding remediation worth it

Re: “Paying twice for education” (TNT, 10-10).

Prof. Katie Baird points out that the cost of remedial education is expensive. You bet. But we also need to consider the broader value of education for all to our society. Then ask and answer the question: “Is it worth it?”

My take is this: The world is filled with static, stratified societies in which few at the bottom can expect to pursue the “American Dream” upwards. But this dream is a cornerstone of our culture partly because it has always been universally attainable.

Remedial ed is a vital rung on the dream

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