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‘DUCK DYNASTY’: Media hypocrisy is showing

Re: “Something’s not so ducky in reality TV land” (Kathleen Parker column, 12-26).

Parker chose to denigrate “Duck Dynasty” leader Phil Robertson for his recent comments regarding homosexuals. She implied he was a hick, and his biblical quotes proved it.

I don’t remember Parker or any progressive media commentator being incensed by Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” photo that made the art circuit in 1987. Also, where was the liberal writers’ outrage over the mixed media “Holy Virgin Mary” created by Chris Ofili (1996), which included varnished elephant dung coupled with collaged pornographic images?

However, there were cries for our

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BENGHAZI: What was Stevens doing there?

Kathleen Parker says: “Why people decided to attack the American consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi is far less important than preventing another such attack in the future” (TNT, 5-14).

That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve read in print. How do you prevent attacks in the future if you don’t know why people are attacking?

The job of an Ambassador is to administer the Embassy, which assists with international trade and travel. Ambassadors don’t typically get killed in military operations.

When Christopher Stevens died, he was not at the American Embassy. That’s in Tripoli, and it didn’t have a

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PARKER: Columnist stuck in her own ‘quagmire’

It’s no wonder Kathleen Parker sees a “quagmire of absolutism” in the arena of public discourse; she is up to her neck in it (column, 5-9).

She quotes a silly statement from former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson about the lack of Hispanic-ness in Ted Cruz, senator from Texas, then segues into some pet “absolutes” of her own. Among her unsubstantiated tropes is the assertion that pro-choice women do not have any sincere moral objections to the destruction of life, and that same-sex marriage results in the “dissolution” of the traditional family.

In this instance, any credibility that could

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WOMEN: Here’s something else Parker doesn’t remember

Re: “Reflections on the half-century of ‘The Feminine Mystique” (Kathleen Parker column, 2-13).

I have great respect for Parker, although we generally live on different sides of the political spectrum. She may in fact not be old enough to remember the “bad old days” of the 1950s and ’60s, when jobs were advertised in the newspaper under separate column heads as “Help Wanted-Male” and “Help Wanted-Female” – and they meant it.

Women were paid less than men for the same work, on the grounds that “a man has a family to support” – regardless of whether the man actually

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WOMEN: Friedan right on ‘Feminine Mystique’

Under the guise of a “tribute,” columnist Kathleen Parker excoriates Betty Friedan, whose “Feminine Mystique” did not, in fact, merely plead the cause of “rich, educated women” (TNT, 2-13).

Parker is probably old enough to remember when girls couldn’t deliver newspapers, married women couldn’t be airline “stewardesses,” female medical students were steered into pediatrics/gynecology, and many a dad who bragged about his daughter’s academic accomplishments nevertheless arranged (as mine did) for her to study shorthand and typing as a “fallback.”

During an earlier era, women helped out on the farm and in family businesses. During World War II, many

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TNT: Newspapers are still relevant

Reading a recent issue of The News Tribune, I realized how long I had read the paper and how significant it has been. On the editorial pages were writers such as Leonard Pitts Jr. and Kathleen Parker plus a Viewpoint article by Julie Anderson, the Pierce County auditor. These are all significant commentaries on the local and national scene.

They are highly relevant and provide a view of life in our society. Newspapers may ultimately become electronic media, but for now they are a significant source of information in traditional paper format.


PETRAEUS: Spare us from feminist tangents

Re: “Men get wagging fingers – women get ruined reputations” (Kathleen Parker column, 11-28).

Although I am all for women’s rights, I’m tired of feminists going off on tangents about how some poor woman is being misrepresented in the media, especially if we’re talking about Paula Broadwell. Parker’s column has no substance and lacks any actual source to back up her claims.

Parker is filling some poor, unknowing readers’ heads with her opinion, which is not based in fact but rather heavily steeped in feminist garbage.

Parker claims that men walk away from scandals such as this “virtually unscathed.” Last

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PARKER: Commentator mocks those with traditional values

Re: “An issue full of smoke and noise – but not much actual fire” (Kathleen Parker column, 4-14).

Parker demonstrates her deep misunderstanding of the convictions held dear by many American, particularly followers of traditional religious values. Parker, who allegedly is a conservative, is as likely a candidate as Maureen Dowd to seriously reflect this perspective.

Conservatives, many of whom are actively religious, are understandably upset about left-brain-dominant intellectuals like Parker who minimize the effects the administration’s policies have on their religious expression. These commentators, rather than discussing the merits of issues, choose instead to make light of opposing

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