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ELECTION: Karl Williams for judge

I endorse Karl Williams for Judge, Pierce County District Court, Department 8. I graduated from the UW with Karl Williams in 1982 and UPS Law School a year after him in 1987.

In the last 18 years, Judge Pro Tem Williams has presided over many of my cases in Pierce County District Court. His experience, demeanor on the bench and the legal reasoning behind his decisions have always been sound, including those rulings against me.

Judge Williams is and has been a credit to his community, University Place. His election would complement the Pierce County District Court bench well.


ELECTION: District Court metes out white justice

White justice is not equal justice.

Vote for Karl Williams’ opponent if you want to continue with the exclusively white Pierce County District Court judiciary we currently have. Vote for Williams’ opponent if you want minorities continuing feeling disenfranchised by the entirely white justice that is Pierce County District Court.

Electing Williams’ opponent reinforces the skepticism in which minorities perceive Pierce County District Court.


ELECTION: Prosecutor shouldn’t endorse in judicial races

Voting for judges is important and without a voter’s direct knowledge of the candidates, decisions can be difficult. I don’t always agree with The News Tribune’s endorsements on other races, but for judicial positions, I will trust your recommendations.

Since Karl Williams is someone of whom I have knowledge, I was pleased to read the editorial board’s endorsement of him for District Court judge. However, I just received an email titled “Voting Guide for Judicial Races.” It was written by the Pierce County elected prosecutor and endorsed Williams’ opponent.

I don’t believe justice can be impartial if elected judges feel

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ELECTION: Court needs diversity on the bench

The election of Karl Williams will bring much-needed diversity to the Pierce County District Court.

I had the pleasure of meeting Williams last week. His intelligence, legal qualifications and experience are impressive. Our conversation showed him to be a man who is respectful of the wide range of human idiosyncrasies presented in any courtroom.
If I ever were called on to appear in court, I would want this candidate sitting on the bench.

Williams is so well qualified that voters who normally do not fill out the primary ballot should do so this year, to assure our District Court

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ELECTION: Karl Williams is thoughtful, experienced

I’m writing in support of Karl Williams’ candidacy for Pierce County District Court. I recently interviewed him and the other candidates on behalf of a countywide organization, and now believe he is most qualified to serve on the court.

Williams has many years of experience as a pro tem judge, invited back repeatedly because of his temperament and knowledge of the law. I found him to be thoughtful and respectful of different points of view, even when he disagreed. And he takes a common- sense approach to complicated issues.

Williams will make a fine judge, and I hope he’ll win

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ELECTION: Karl Williams is the best choice for judge

I agree with The News Tribune’s support of Karl Williams for Pierce County District Court judge (TNT, 7-10). Although three experienced candidates are running for the position, I support Williams. His performance as a pro tem judge is stellar. He is fair and just.

As a fellow lawyer, he helped a client of mine when I took time off work while my mother was dying. His thoughtful approach to my client’s case impressed me very much.


COUNTY: Republicans missed an opportunity

The Pierce County Council’s appointment of Kevin McCann as a judge in District Court is a missed opportunity by county Republicans to garner votes from conservatives in the black community by appointing Karl Williams to the bench.

For context, I will mention that I am black and conservative. I know many black conservatives who identify themselves as Democrats, but vote in favor of conservative issues. They don’t vote for conservative candidates as often because they perceive that conservatives do not appreciate the black perspective – conservative or not.

While I do not share this perception, I do anticipate a

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ELECTION: Williams is the best choice for District Court

The Pierce County District Court Position No. 2 race has not gotten a lot of attention in the paper. Out of the four candidates, Karl Williams has the most judicial experience. He has been a district court judge pro tem for the past 13 years and is rated “Exceptionally Well Qualified” by the Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association.

In addition to being the most qualified, if elected he would be the first African-American judge in the history of the Pierce County District Court.
Pierce County has a unique opportunity to elect the most qualified candidate, and to add much-needed

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