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KALAKALA: Ferry was special to this family

Two of the “few onlookers” at the Kalakala’s final voyage (TNT, 1-23) were my daughter and her cousin.

The ferry has special memories to our family; my father-in-law is a 91-year-old retired ferry captain and one-time captain of the ferry. He used to take it out for parties and special events. The boat sat below our home, and we would drive Grandpa down to see it often. We have followed its story for years.

Previous owner Steve Rodrigues called my father-in-law and talked to him about his memories on the boat. My daughter took photos Thursday morning from the

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KALAKALA: Don’t get rid of precious ferry

Please do not destroy the Kalakala. I rode the boat from Seattle to Bremerton when I was about 12 years old. I am now 91. We called it a “streamlined” boat.

Keep it in the harbor for everyone to see. I think it is precious.


KALAKALA: The kurse kontinues

Re: “Kalakala owner files $250 million lawsuit” (TNT, 7-27).

Please do whatever it takes to rid us of this ghost from the past. As a Washington state taxpayer, I would gladly pay my share of any amount to tow her out to the open sea and give her the dignified — and long overdue — death she deserves.



KALAKALA: Another option for ferry

There is no reason why Kalakala needs an expensive restoration. It can do without engines, hull repair and all the expense of protecting lives at sea that a ferry requires.
It does not even require being afloat.

What is needed is a place to set it: a park close to the water and public transportation, plus basic utilities. The upper deck would make a fine restaurant or nightclub, and the auto deck could be made into a museum or entertainment center.

Tacoma would be an excellent location, since there is plenty of park land and/or pier space directly adjacent

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KALAKALA: Lemon can be transformed

Re: “Where the Kalakala belongs: Anywhere but here” (editorial, 5-9).

When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. I love lemonade. Watch me!

(Anderson owns the Hylebos Waterway berth where the Kalakala has been moored for eight years.)


KALAKALA: Shame on us for failing historic ferry

Re: “Kalakala dilemma: Can’t stay, can’t go” (TNT, 5-6).

As a fourth-generation Northwest native and a student of maritime history, I marvel with dismay at this region’s lack of support and appreciation for historic vessels that at one point were restorable, only to be allowed to rot or disappear from our region forever, with the ferry Kalakala top on that list.

Consider that the MV Kalalaka was built by Alexander Peabody of the Black Ball Ferry Line as a symbol of hope for the people of the Northwest coming out of the bleakness of the Great Depression, that she

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KALAKALA: We’re losing the ‘Queen of Puget Sound’

We are about to lose the “Queen of Puget Sound” while she lies broken and homeless in Tacoma. Why? The main reason is apathy or indifference.

The Queen of Puget Sound, or “Lady K” as she was affectionately called, was on many a postcard  tourists sent home while visiting Puget Sound for 32 years, 1935-1967. She was the symbol for Puget Sound, as is the Liberty Bell for Philadelphia. She is 77 years old and barely functioning.

The MV Kalakala will soon be cut up to make razor blades and automobiles. Only a miracle can save her now. The Kalakala

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KALAKALA: Suggestion for a shiny Christmas gift

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a restored Kalakala, moored somewhere along the Tacoma waterfront, with beautiful Harold LeMay cars displayed on it.

Of course if you have time it would be nice to have some restored city buses, or maybe the old buses to Mount Rainier, transporting guests between the main America’s Car Museum and the restored Kakakala, all the while exposing the guests to some of the wonderful Tacoma history and current attractions.

If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, could you deliver some restored car dealership buildings in downtown Tacoma filled with more

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