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BIEBER: Bad behavior blamed on celeb culture?

Re: “Celebrity apologists: Justin Bieber’s a jerk, and it’s your fault” (Leonard Pitts Jr. column, 3-16).

So Bieber’s excuse for getting arrested is “the culture made me do it,” according to his lawyer, Roy Black. Leave it to an attorney to conjure up the latest convoluted courtroom defense.

Does this signify personal accountability and/or responsibility are truly relics of the past? Evidently so.


TACOMA: I don’t know what to Belieb anymore

As a long-time Justin Bieber fan (a “Belieber”), I was deeply disappointed by the singer’s latest publicity stunt. He claimed that his laptop and camera were stolen at a Tacoma Dome show, setting up a guerrilla marketing campaign on Twitter to promote his newest music video.

As a born-and-raised Tacoman, I was personally offended that Bieber would denigrate my city in the national spotlight. By claiming that his stuff was stolen in Tacoma, he perpetuated negative stereotypes of our city.

Bieber needs to learn that as a celebrity, his words have power. As a wise man once said, “With great

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TNT: Your bias is showing over Libya hearings

On Wednesday, congressional hearings opened on Capitol Hill to investigate the apparent cover up of the Libyan consulate attack and what the Obama administration did or did not know, and when they knew it.

Congress also wants to know why for more than a week various administration officials went on television to proclaim that the attack and murder of four American citizens, including our ambassador, were the result of outrage over a stupid Internet video and not a planned terrorist attack.

The developing story is a monumental scandal that dwarfs Watergate, a 1970s scandal that killed no one. So what

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