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JUDICIAL SYSTEM: High costs mean dog will be euthanized

How many innocent pets have been euthanized because their owner is unable to pay the appeal costs or retain an attorney?

I am currently trying to defend my best friend, my child, my loyal companion of nine years, my protector and pit bull from being declared a dangerous dog. I am forced to defend him myself because I cannot afford an attorney as I am on a fixed income.

I have no problem defending him until it comes to all the costs that have been imposed, such as court reporter and certified copies of administrative records. The cost are enormous.

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MEDIA: Hold off on sensational stories until the facts are in

The shooting of Trayvon Martin and the Afghanistan massacre are examples of recent stories being swayed and built by the media. The media never seem to be able to wait until all the facts come out in a story. Two men’s lives are in the balance. While we seek justice for those whose lives have been taken, do we want truth or quick revenge?

The media do everything they can in the name of free speech to stir up every unthinking person’s passions to violence and revenge; unfortunately our society is full of these people. If media corporations would just

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CRIME: Where’s justice in two sentences?

I read two separate articles on the same page of The News Tribune Saturday regarding the sentencing of people found guilty of their crimes.

The first was about an office manager who embezzled $1 million from Tacoma Orthopedic Surgeons and received a seven-year prison sentence. The other is about a drunk driver who crossed the center line of the highway, hitting another vehicle head-on and killing a Milton man. The drunk driver received three years and 11 months in prison.

What does it say about our society that we value money more than life? Who experienced the greater

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