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PUYALLUP: Council wrong to hike utility rates

On Feb. 4, for the second time in the past year with little fanfare and less explanation, the Puyallup City Council raised our utility rates with a narrow 4 to 3 vote.

This action represents a continuing rampage of destruction for this young council. Through their actions this year the council has proudly and ignorantly declared that our city is not the place to raise a family, start or run a business, retire or get a job.

There was no investigation into or attempt to eliminate the waste and overhead in the utility department. Despite the fact we have some

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PUYALLUP: City Council needs fresh voices

The News Tribune editorial board got it right when it endorsed Heather Shadko and Julie Door for Puyallup City Council (editorial, 10-17).

I would have liked to see Corry Glucoft endorsed as well for the District 1 council position.

The editorial did note that her opponent consistently aligns himself with council members Rick Hansen, John Knutsen and Steve Vermillion. This foursome has created a troublesome majority, a lot of dissension and uncivilized behavior on the council.

Glucoft would bring a fresh voice to the council, with new ideas and vision for the city. The TNT referred to Glucoft as

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PUYALLUP: Door seeks input before making decisions

What Puyallup needs is a City Council that works in partnership with its community. In order to get there, we need a change in both the tone and content of the conversation about city governance. Julie Door, City Council candidate in District 3, is someone who can make that change.

As a retired captain of the Washington State Patrol, it has been a pleasure to serve as part of Door’s political campaign. I have come to know her as a person with the utmost integrity. She will work hard for her constituents to make sure they have a community that

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PUYALLUP: Julie Door looks ahead, not back

I support Julie Door for Puyallup City Council District 3.

The current council has focused on maintaining the downtown area just like it is. Door wants to focus on the future of Puyallup, and recognizes that changes will be needed in order to avert a slow death in downtown, or for the downtown to become the Belltown of the South Sound, with plenty of bars and fewer daytime shopping opportunities.

We need new council members willing to look forward, not to hold fast to the past.


PUYALLUP: Julie Door is the better candidate

Please join me in supporting Julie Door for Puyallup City Council District 3.

While I have only known Door for a few months, I have been impressed with her approachability, outgoing personality, willingness to listen and sincere interest in improving our community at all levels.

She has a strong interest in our parks and recreation programs and is an advocate for
a more comprehensive transportation system, including alternative transportation and safe routes to schools.

Especially important is that as a small business owner, Door is familiar with the issues these businesses face and will work on their behalf. Lastly,

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PUYALLLUP: Bring balance back to City Council

The present all-male City Council does not reflect the demographic makeup of my hometown Puyallup’s population. More than 51 percent of us are female. I’m grateful for the opportunity to rectify that inequity Nov. 5 by casting my vote for District 1 candidate Corry Glucoft.

Glucoft, her husband Steve and their daughter live downtown, where they operate a small business restoring antique cars. She knows what policy changes are needed to attract new businesses downtown. She is also dedicated to preserving Puyallup’s history and way of life and building safe and livable communities.

The Glucoft family shops at the Saturday

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PUYALLUP: Julie Door’s a sound choice for council

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julie Door for the past year. In that time I have found her to be a leader who will take charge of an issue and see it through to the end.

I have personally witnessed the entire Puyallup City Council, along with state Sen. Bruce Dammeier and state Reps. Hans Zeiger and Dawn Morrell openly commend Door on several occasions for her willingness to come forth and lead on the Shaw Road halfway house issue.

Thanks to Door’s countless trips to the state Capitol to testify and participate in the process with our

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PUYALLUP: Julie Door a strong voice for district

Decisive and independent, with a heart for service – this is how I describe my lifelong friend, Julie Door, a candidate for City Council in District 3.

Since our earliest days in school, she has been working to serve others and to strengthen her community. When we sold magazines to raise money for the PTA or wash cars for charity, she outworked all of us. This spirit of service continues.

For years, Door provided fundraising and event planning leadership to the Relay for Life event in Puyallup. As business owners, she and her husband partner with their clients to contribute

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