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RACE: Pastor wrong about voter suppression here

Re: “Past racial issues still with us, NAACP leader says” (TNT, 8-12).

Voter suppression may be one of the greatest threats to democracy across much of America, but I would disagree with Rev. Gregory Christopher’s recent remarks that this is an issue here in Pierce County.

Our hard-working Pierce County auditor, Julie Anderson, is doing a superb job. She tirelessly works to make sure everyone who legally can has the opportunity to vote. Very few public officials have the professionalism, dedication and determination that Anderson demonstrates in doing her sworn duty, and I think Christopher’s remarks were unfair.


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TNT: Newspapers are still relevant

Reading a recent issue of The News Tribune, I realized how long I had read the paper and how significant it has been. On the editorial pages were writers such as Leonard Pitts Jr. and Kathleen Parker plus a Viewpoint article by Julie Anderson, the Pierce County auditor. These are all significant commentaries on the local and national scene.

They are highly relevant and provide a view of life in our society. Newspapers may ultimately become electronic media, but for now they are a significant source of information in traditional paper format.


VOTING: Mail ballots are too easily abused

Re: “Story missed mark on mail-in ballots” (Viewpoint, 10-19).

I’m sure that the Pierce County Auditor’s Office does as good a job as any in handling and counting mail-in ballots. But Pierce County has only 11 percent of the registered voters in the state of Washington, so it hardly seems that Auditor Julie Anderson could speak for the efforts in other counties.

King County, with 28 percent of the registered voters in the state, rejected nearly 20,000 or 2.6 percent of the ballots received in 2010. Remove the late ballots and rejection is still high at 1.7 percent, with

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ELECTION: Kent Keel stronger pick for auditor

Re: “Julie Anderson for Pierce County auditor – again” (editorial, 9-29).

I was disappointed that the editorial board didn’t endorse Kent Keel for Pierce County auditor; it seems a very pro-incumbent bias.

I was extremely impressed with Keel, meeting him and hearing what he had to say about the job. Having two pieces of work in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History is nothing to sniff at, and he seems both capable and highly likable as a person.

You have a guy who is almost overqualified in the technical aspects of the job, has managed 100-plus people multiple times

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VOTING: Extra effort worth it on military ballots

Re: “Overseas ballot battle” (TNT, 9-2).

Kudos to Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson and her staff for having the foresight in pre-planning to ensure the county’s 9,050 military and overseas voters will get their ballots in time to meet the 45-day advance mailing deadline and virtually guarantee their ballots will be counted.

The auditor’s extra work and any overtime involved to tweak the ballots and meet the deadline pays tribute to the many military voters serving in harm’s way all over the world and in combat in places like Afghanistan. We need to remember that those military voters are fighting

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