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HATE: We must always confront hateful behavior

Re: “Murders: Hatred of Jews springs eternal” (editorial, 4-17).

Thank you for publishing this editorial. As upsetting as it is, it’s very important that you stepped up and called this out.

Too many people are accepting of this type of behavior, not just hatred toward Jews but  toward anybody just because of their race, religion or nationality. We must fight this, both in our attitudes and our behavior. Never accept this from anyone; please call them out when you see it.

I read about the mayor of the town that Frazier Glenn Cross was from; he was accepting. There

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JUDAISM: Your ignorance and bias are showing

Re: “Murders: Hatred of Jews springs eternal” (editorial, 4-17).

Your ignorance and bias are showing. While it is true that we Jews have been the target of an untold number of unsuccessful attempts to exterminate and discriminate against us, past and present, Jews are not an ethnic group any more than Christians are an ethnic group.

We believe in the Jewish religion, and may be American, British, Spanish, German, live in the Middle East, etc.

I was pleased to learn, by your implication and my inference, that the Christian Bible is not biased, since you were so quick to point

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VETERANS: War memorial excludes many faiths

For those of you that have not seen the religious monument at War Memorial Park by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, let me describe it.

Above the monument is a faded photograph of three caucasian gentlemen with a caption that reads: “The religious monument paying tribute to the courage and patriotism of Americans of all faiths was dedicated in March 1961. The brass symbols are mounted on a block of sandstone, which itself rests on a concrete base.”

These brass symbols? A cross and a Star of David.

If you believe that Christianity and Judaism represent all faiths in our military

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