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ELECTION: Campbell isn’t taking potshots

I have known state Rep. Tom Campbell and his wife Lynn since 1992 and have worked on many of his campaigns. I have never know him to say anything negatives about any opponent he has run against. He has questioned their political ideas and come out ahead.

Campbell has accomplished a lot for the 2nd Legislative District and the rest of Pierce County during his time in office. The postcard that folks got in the mail was sent out by a third party that neither Campbell nor anyone in his campaign had anything to do with. When he has something

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ELECTION: Wilcox supports environment and private property rights

I am writing to urge 2nd Legislative District voters to vote for JT Wilox Aug. 17. He is running against a long-time incumbent and I, like many others these days, believe that it is time for a change.

I’ve spent a great deal of time with JT over the years and have great confidence in his commitment to service and his fundamental agreement with the values that are important to me. He is rock solid on preserving and improving small business, supporting community schools and local control of them, and reducing the size of government and taxes. He also believes,

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ELECTION: Wilcox strong on fiscal responsibility

JT Wilcox deserves our vote for state representative in the 2nd Legislative District. I have known Wilcox all of his life and will attest to his integrity as well as his community involvement. His support of Dollars for Scholars and many other civic organizations, including 4H and FFA, is well known.

Wilcox is a business leader and will work for fiscal responsibility in our state Legislature. He has earned the support and respect of many past and present political and business leaders regardless of party affiliation. Join me in voting for Wilcox for state representative.

Larry Schorno
Yelm, Washington


ELECTION: Campbell’s claims are unfair

We received a postcard from state Rep. Tom Campbell’s re-election campaign. It claims that JT Wilcox – Campbell’s challenger in the 2nd district – made a “million-dollar fortune off his workers.”

For the ad to suggest that an entrepreneur is wrong to make a profit from his family business is just wrong. Is Campbell suggesting we redistribute wealth, that it is not right to to make a profit?

The card cites a 2008 Seattle newspaper headline about how the Wilcox Family Farms “plans to lay off third of work force.” The Wilcox farming business ended milk production because it was

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