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BUDGET: Don’t cut benefits to the disabled

Re: “Zarelli draws federal disability, eyes state cuts” (TNT, 4-6).

I have a brother who, through no fault of his own, is a lifelong schizophrenic. He depends on the services state Sen. Joseph Zarelli wants to cut.

Most of the people who depend on these services are mentally ill, not dependent because of “poor life choices.” Most people who make lifelong “poor choices” are mentally ill to begin with.

Shame on the politicians who want to cut out the services that needy people are so desperately dependent on. And extra shame on politicians like Zarelli who are so blantantly

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LEGISLATURE: Inconsistency on issues

There are two issues that do not seem to be right to me.

• There are legislative districts that take in more money than they bring in, according to the state Office of Financial Management. Most of these districts are Republican districts.

For example, let’s take state Sen. Joseph Zarelli’s 18th Legislative District. OFM records show that one county in his district takes $1.47 and another takes $1.39 for every $1 they contribute to the state.

This is the same Zarelli who is asking state workers to take a 3 percent pay cut and extra furlough days to balance the

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