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TERRORISM: Article reflects bias against US ally

Re: “Jordan executes jailed militants as revenge” (TNT, 2-4).

I must disagree with this article regarding Jordan’s “revenge” execution of two POWs in retaliation for the caged burning alive of a Jordanian pilot by the barbaric Islamic State.

The McClatchy writer used terms describing Jordan as “a police state.” The “move might backfire” – and Jordan “risks sinking to the murderous level of ISIS.”

Jordan is our friend and ally – one of few in the Arab Middle East. It is fighting back (despite its small size and lack of military wherewithal), defending its sovereignty. What is the U.S. doing to stem

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TERROR: No mystery to Boston bombings

The motivation of the Boston bombers is no mystery. Hundreds of millions of Muslims embrace jihad to rule the world. We are their main enemy, with troops in many Muslim countries, the latest Jordan, so we could intervene in yet another Muslim country, Syria. Our drones kill innocent Muslims, and we make it possible for Israel to rule millions of Palestinians.

What we are doing has failed, so let’s pull out of Muslim countries, stop bombing, control immigration for our safety and condition aid to Israel on a Palestinian state.