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HEALTH: Surprise; that mandate really is a tax

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts did us a great favor by finding that the only constitutional basis for the mandate is a tax, which is what the Obama administration has denied from the beginning.

After the victory lap dust settles, the Democrats will own an albatross reform loaded with government-controlled benefits that will ultimately be paid with increased taxes and fewer choices. Obamacare was sold with: “nobody under $250,000 per year will see a tax increase” and “you’ll get to keep your plan,” and an insurance mandate on those who can’t or won’t pay will help fund the whole

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HEALTH: Only hope is to vote Democrats out

With the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare as constitutional, you can bet there is more to come. To say I was shocked by the decision is putting it mildly. I wondered why Chief Justice John Roberts had an easy confirmation. The progressives knew he was a liberal in conservative dressing.

This terrible decision will embolden this administration to take control of all aspects of our lives. They already are telling us what to eat, how much we should weigh, what kind of light bulbs to use and what kind of car to drive. The only hope I see is if the

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