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TACOMA: Resist putting utilities under council control

John Ladenburg (letter, 2-13) and Bill Baarsma (letter, 2-13) raised different criticisms of The News Tribune’s editorial, “Coming soon: Raid on Tacoma utilities” (2-11).

Ladenburg suggested that an autonomous utility is dangerous due to its history of expansionist policies and hiding issues from the Tacoma City Council.

During the energy crisis of 2000-2001, Tacoma Public Utilities needed to significantly raise rates to prevent insolvency. Under the city charter, rate increases proposed by the utility board need the approval of the City Council.

As a member of the City Council during that period, approving the 50 percent increase

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CHAMBERS BAY: It’s about more than golf

Re: “Chambers still in the hole” (TNT, 2-18).

Chambers Bay golf course was not designed to be just another course but a tournament and tourist economic development attraction. Yet, every year The News Tribune does a budget-revenue analysis without any consideration of the course’s real goals.

Ironically, you publish a photograph of a golfer from Chicago on the course. Someone might have asked that golfer what hotel he stayed in, where he ate his meals, if he rented a car.

A real analysis of the success of Chambers Bay would be to find out how much sales tax, car

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CHAMBERS BAY: Give credit where it’s due

In all the well-deserved praises that have been heaped on the Chambers Bay golf course, the U.S. Amateur championship and the many volunteers who made it a success, no mention has been made of the people who made it all happen.

I am speaking of John Ladenberg, our former county executive, and other county officials who, in the face of much criticism and resistance, had the foresight and courage to stick to their guns.

The property could have easily been zoned for high-end homes, condos and supporting businesses benefiting a few and generating substantial tax income to the county. Yet

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