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IRAN: Administration’s deal is ridiculous

In our nation’s entire history, there has never been an administration with less credibility than Barack Obama’s. For this administration, the truth seems little more than an unfortunate inconvenience to communicating its utterly incoherent message.

Witness the “agreement” with Iran to curtail its criminal nuclear proliferation. I hope Secretary of State John Kerry at least made the failed Persian state pinkie swear, and that the citizens of Tel Aviv have stocked up on really good sunscreen.

How can you tell when a rogue state or the Obama administration is lying? Their lips are moving.


BENEFITS: Compromise is always possible

Real compromise involves both sides giving something up. It is possible between conservatives and liberals in the House.

In exchange for extending unemployment benefits, which liberals want, conservatives – who believe that those benefits only exacerbate unemployment – would consider trade-offs for other policies to bolster employment.

For example, conservatives favor cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, whose policies they believe have hurt economic recovery. We could start by cuts to the billions that go to other counties to deal with global warming – $7.45 billion over three years, according to Secretary of State John Kerry.

We could cut funds

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NEWS: The real world doesn’t look so hopeful

Re: “The real world offers reason for hope” (letter, 11-14).

Huh? The market is so high because the Federal Reserve injects $85 billion of borrowed money into the market every month. When the Fed even mentions that it is “thinking” about tapering, the market drops like a stone instead of floating like the balloon that it is. Can you say $17 trillion debt?

The job numbers are “encouraging” because the government doesn’t count the millions who have had their benefits end. Somehow they know how many “disenchanted” workers are out there, but they don’t count. How does that figure?

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SYRIA: Obama proving to be a weak leader

The Syria situation has shown that Barack Obama has little capability or leadership to command a serious international situation. He talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk.

Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry believe a “limited strike” will cause Syria to back off the use of chemical weapons. Here are the facts: The world is laughing at him. Our State Department is nothing but a joke. Our European allies have faded away in light of this “show of force.”

A few cruise missiles targeted to remote locations will not deter a region involved in an internal civil war.

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SYRIA: Obama administration mishandling situation

I am not impressed with the handling of the Syrian situation by this administration. The contradictions and bumbling by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama are almost laughable.

The lack of leadership by this president is catching the attention of countries like Iran, China, North Korea and others. The president was outmaneuvered by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syria with a possible solution to this problem.

I wonder how the Normandy invasion would have gone if we had told the Germans what beaches we would land on and when and how many ships and landing craft we had.

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SYRIA: Does it matter who the victims are?

There is an eerie similarity to the number of Syrians allegedly killed by the Assad regime using chemical weapons, 1,429, and the number of Gazans, more than 1,400, killed in 2008-2009 when Israeli forces deployed white phosphorus.

Is white phosphorus a “chemical weapon”? It is described by what appears to be a chemical formula, is known as “diphosphorus pentoxide,” burns in air, inflicts gruesome wounds and lingering death, and has been banned by several international conventions. Israel first denied, then acknowledged use of a “chemical compound.” It was supplied by the U.S.

Secretary of State John Kerry rightly says of

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EGYPT: US should pay its own bills first

Secretary of State John Kerry has offered more aid to Egypt to help its government pay its bills (TNT, 3-4). Shouldn’t this money have gone toward our own debt, rather than to a foreign government? Our debt is $16 trillion and growing, and there aren’t any extra funds for foreign aid.

I suggest all foreign aid be suspended until our accounts are paid, and citizens of America are taken care of first. I know this will not be popular with members of Congess who authorize this aid, but I think the American people will accept it.

Please do not

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KERRY: News Tribune afraid to print real news

I’m having a difficult time understanding why the wife of the governor adjusting to her new home (TNT, 3-4) is more important (half of the first page) than U.S. Secretary of State Kerry giving Egypt $190 million with the promise of more while America is financially in ruins (TNT, 3-4).

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or independent, everyone must be as stunned as I am.

I just consider the continual bankrupting of our country by politicians a lot more important than Trudi Inslee relaxing at the Governor’s Mansion.

Why not just bury the entire article? It’s obvious

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