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PUYALLUP: Council wrong to hike utility rates

On Feb. 4, for the second time in the past year with little fanfare and less explanation, the Puyallup City Council raised our utility rates with a narrow 4 to 3 vote.

This action represents a continuing rampage of destruction for this young council. Through their actions this year the council has proudly and ignorantly declared that our city is not the place to raise a family, start or run a business, retire or get a job.

There was no investigation into or attempt to eliminate the waste and overhead in the utility department. Despite the fact we have some

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PUYALLUP: Support Hastings, Hopkins, McNutt

Puyallup has righted the ship in the last 18 months as a newly elected council started pounding away at our city debt ($107 million at its highest, down to $60 million now), started auditing city departments to eliminate waste and improve efficiency (the city now has money to fund Tier 2 projects), and has freed the city from frivolous and wasteful lawsuits.

We need to keep this momentum going on Nov. 5. The candidates for City Council who will continue to move us forward, not turn us back to the free-spending, lawsuit-earning days of Kathy Turner are John Hopkins (District

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PUYALLUP: John Hopkins has earned re-election

Puyallup City Council member John Hopkins has worked hard for Puyallup the past two years and has earned re-election to the council for District 1.

As a member of the parks, recreation and senior advisory board, I have had the pleasure of frequent interactions with Hopkins. He is well known for his grasp of the budget and common-sense approach to decision making.

What few people know is that he was the first person to bring to our attention the dedicated fund for park capital improvements that the advisory board had previously not been made aware of. As a regular visitor

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PUYALLUP: TNT got it right – in one race

Re: “Our endorsements in Puyallup City Council races” (editorial, 10-17).

I hope that the citizens of Puyallup will closely read the qualifications of the candidates who are running for City Council seats. I was please to see The News Tribune editorial board got the selection right for District 1 (John Hopkins).

Its picks for District 2 and 3 seem to have been based more on the candidates being female then their qualifications for council seats, especially since the editorial noted that the candidates are “trying to win entry into what is now an all-male club.”



PUYALLUP: Elect Hopkins, Hastings and McNutt

On Nov. 5, Puyallup citizens will have the opportunity to elect three new members to the City Council. Since I live in District I, I will be voting to re-elect John Hopkins for and helping Steve Hastings and Chris McNutt with their efforts to win seats in District II and District III. And here’s why.

I’ve been following the council meetings and member voting intensely since 2005. I’ve witnessed the good, bad and ugly. But for me the most important issue has always been how each member votes on each issue.

During Hopkins’ last two years on the council, he

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PUYALLUP: City parks now on the right path

Now that the Puyallup Parks Department saga seems to be complete, I would like to take the time to thank those involved who contributed to its positive outcome.

Puyallup now has two major assets on its hands thanks to this process: a thorough, transparent study of the Parks and Recreation Department done by city staff and a strong, knowledgeable parks director in Sarah Harris.

This process that was undertaken was not easy. Rumors about the demise of the department and city parks only increased its difficulty. That is why I would like to thank City Manager Bill McDonald for undertaking

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