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JFK: Words don’t fit with progressive agenda

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – perhaps the best-remembered words that John F. Kennedy ever spoke.

How do these words relate to the current progressive idea that, no matter how irresponsible someone is, it is the responsibility of the country (government) to take care of that person? That’s a prime example of asking what your country can do for you.

The phrase “spinning in his grave” comes to mind.


JFK: Conspiracy theories satisfy need to make sense

Re: “Uncertainties remain about JFK shooter Oswald” (TNT, 11-20).

Conspiracy theories may thrive, including those surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination, but they rarely materialize beyond the conspiracy stage. They often capture the imagination, but they almost always lack evidence. Juries convict people on evidence, not on theories.

It creates high drama when a nobody like Lee Harvey Oswald brings down a world figure like the U.S. president, and many people can’t accept that. However, history is full of examples of psychopathic loners like Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray. You don’t have to be a Caesar, a Napoleon or

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US: Where has Kate Smith’s America gone?

Few Americans under the age of 50 have ever even heard of Kate Smith, but at a time in our not-too distant past when she sang “God Bless America,” almost everyone in our great country became misty-eyed and felt a genuine wave of love for who we were and what we stood for as a nation and as a people.

Unfortunately she is gone, and so is the national sense of American pride she sang about that once united us. Now it is almost deemed as shameful jingoism to express love of country, and our once-united nation is becoming more

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ELECTION: Letter example of smear campaign

Re: “Romney can’t lead by example” (letter, 9-19).

The News Tribune constantly gets letters from people who don’t have their facts straight. Who really led by example?

Mitt Romney was not born into a wealthy family. George Romney was the general manager of the Automobile Manufacturing Association when Romney was born. This was a good job, but he wasn’t rich. It wasn’t until later in the 1950s that he became wealthy.

George Romney passed along a high set of values to his sons. By comparison, Joseph Kennedy made a large fortune in finance and left trust funds to all

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ELECTION: Romney can’t lead by example

Once upon a time a time in 1960, there was a senator from Massachusetts campaigning for president of the United States. John F. Kennedy was born into a very wealthy family. His father’s ambition was to raise his family with a characteristic trait of leading by example by contributing his family’s wealth by dedicating their lives to public service.

This was his father’s appreciation for his wealth. He insisted that all his sons lead by example. And the Kennedys did just that. Joe, John, Bobby, Teddy and their sisters served their country in many ways, including military service and politics.

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