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PETRAEUS: Spare us from feminist tangents

Re: “Men get wagging fingers – women get ruined reputations” (Kathleen Parker column, 11-28).

Although I am all for women’s rights, I’m tired of feminists going off on tangents about how some poor woman is being misrepresented in the media, especially if we’re talking about Paula Broadwell. Parker’s column has no substance and lacks any actual source to back up her claims.

Parker is filling some poor, unknowing readers’ heads with her opinion, which is not based in fact but rather heavily steeped in feminist garbage.

Parker claims that men walk away from scandals such as this “virtually unscathed.” Last

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WEINER: Sex scandals embarrass us all

I am so tired of hearing about elected public servants who can’t keep their pants on. How can we teach our children that our government leaders should be respected, admired and perhaps considered role models when we elect jerks like Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton? These men are an embarrassment for all Americans. After all, we picked ‘em.

Warning to my candidates: If any politician I vote for gets caught up in a sex scandal, I will be the first one in line to picket your office, force your resignation and perhaps start a class action

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