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SECURITY: House wrong to threaten DHS

House Speaker John Boehner is threatening to defund the Department of Homeland Security, and I’m guessing that most people don’t know what all is included in this department that was cobbled together during the George W. Bush administration in 2002.

So here is a partial list of the offices within the DHS that stand to be defunded and possibly cease operations.

• U.S. Coast Guard: Because terrorists can also gain access by sea and up navigable rivers.

• Federal Emergency Management Agency: The office that responds to disasters has itself suffered two disasters in the last 12 years: the first was

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IRAN: Could Netanyahu be a peacemaker?

Re: “Netanyahu invitation sets up showdown” (TNT, 1-22).

I am concerned that House Speaker John Boehner has invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to address Congress without consulting the White House.

Clearly, Boehner expects Netanyahu to whip up fervor for increased sanctions on Iran, but should he invite any head of state of a foreign country to lobby our Congress? Are we Americans ready for more provocation in the Middle East?

Netanyahu, for his part, is in a tense election campaign and relishes the opportunity to court world publicity by addressing Congress, whether or not it is in

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POLITICS: Can GOP govern or just gripe?

The Democrats took a beating on Nov. 4. Now how are President Obama and the new Republican Congress going to work together to solve problems?

House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have already given us some clues. Both have indicated they want to overturn Obamacare, depriving millions of newly acquired health care.

The Senate has already passed a bipartisan immigration bill but no votes have been taken in the House. The president wants an immigration bill. The AFL-CIO and the National Chamber of Commerce want an immigration bill. No one wants to continue to deport noncitizen

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ELECTION: Let’s continue to give Congress Heck

Joyce McDonald has stated she wants to go to Congress and vote with the Republican majority. Apparently she wants to be included with the party of no under House Speaker John Boehner and the tea party.

And what are the accomplishments of the House Republicans? Shutting down the government and costing you and me $25 billion while refusing to vote for immigration reform or raising the minimum wage. She would be called upon to support the Paul Ryan budget, which privatizes Social Security and guts Medicare and Medicaid while giving tax cuts to the wealthy paid for primarily by the

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SHUTDOWN: Boehner should not step down

Re: “Boehner should step down” (letter, 10-18).

It is absolutely outrageous that this slanderous letter was published. There isn’t any significant proof that House Speaker John Boehner knowingly “lied to America,” and the letter writer doesn’t present any.

The situation in Washington was fluid throughout the government shutdown. Nobody knows what Boehner knew at the time he stated “I don’t have the votes” (to pass a clean continuing resolution) on a Sunday talk show. The letter writer quoted an ABC/Jonathan Karl news report which stated that anonymous independent sources told him the votes were there. Karl did not accuse

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CONGRESS: John Boehner should step down

It is time for John Boehner to go. The speaker of the House has demonstrated poor judgment, dishonesty and a lack of credibility in placing the minority agenda of the Republican Party over the interests of America.

Boehner led the partisan strategy to bring the government of the United States to a standstill, holding millions hostage and threatening the financial standing of the United States. He cost Americans an estimated $34 billion in lost job opportunities, suspended regulatory services, disrupted businesses, denied military support, denied access to national parks and suspension of many other federal programs.

He treated the federal

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SHUTDOWN: Try turning off politicians’ spotlight

I am weary of the daily announcements of “no news” from Washington, D.C. How many times must we see and hear the president’s daily speech about the Republicans leading us to the brink of collapse and Republican John Boehner and crew howling about the Democrats’ unwillingness to negotiate?

I cannot bear to see Harry Reid and his appendage, Patty Murray (or as I like to call them, “Glum” and “Glummer”) standing in front of a bank of microphones one more time.

I have a suggestion for the news media: Shut off the politicians’ access to an audience.

Nothing is dearer

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SHUTDOWN: Take back the House of Representatives

Republicans are willing to sacrifice all government programs and services to push their minority agenda for wealthy private and business interests. Republicans, the Party of “No,” apparently can’t even agree upon issues compelling them to disrupt American government and life.

The government shutdown is costing Americans $300 million per day, but the Republicans don’t care. They seem hell bent on cutting earned benefits for seniors; preventing legislated health care changes; cutting back services for disadvantaged families; dismantling health, food safety and environmental protection programs, while protecting Wall Street and financial interests.

Republicans are depriving Americans of their livelihoods, financial security

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