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PAY: Liberals show irrationality on minimum wage

Why is it that our friends on the left seem to understand economic realities on some things, yet forget about them on others?

They realize that if you make a resource more expensive we will use less of it. They have wisely raised the price of cigarettes. Fewer of us are now smoking. Through their regulations, they have raised the price of gasoline. Many have moved to alternative fuels. Obamacare has raised the price of Cadillac-plan medical policies, and fewer of us are getting them.

Liberals also know that if they can make a resource cheaper, we will use more

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JOBS: Democrats have better job-creation records

Re: “Liberals lost the ‘War on Poverty’” (letter, 5-26).

The writer’s implied assertion is that conservatives are better qualified to eliminate poverty because they can create more jobs. Let’s look at the record.

Starting with Dwight Eisenhower, there have been six Republican presidents. The only one to have a sterling showing was Ronald Reagan. During his eight years, 16 million jobs were created. Richard Nixon was second, with 9.4 million. Both George W. Bush and his dad fell far short, with 3 million and 2.5 million respectively. Only 3.5 million jobs were created under Eisenhower.

Democrats have done much better.

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SPOTTED OWL: Jobs lost on bogus science

In the April 6 “Looking Back 25 Years” feature, the story was of how politicians and industry were working to define how jobs and science regarding the spotted owl could co-exist. Now, 25 years later, we know the spotted owl “won,” and jobs “lost.”

The story led me to look up the most current “science” regarding the population of said owl. I found the following report from the 2005 state Department of Fish and Wildlife: “The primary causes of mortality for juveniles appear to be starvation and predation. The single study conducted on habitat use during dispersal indicates that spotted owls made substantial

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TRADE: Will US lose yet more jobs?

Re: “Give Obama authority to deliver Pacific trade pact” (editorial, 3-25).

I see the editorial board is getting its editorials from the land of make believe again.

Every time one of these sell-out agreements come around we see the same “trade liberalization … tends to create wealth by expanding markets.”

NAFTA destroyed millions of American jobs and businesses. It put thousands of small Mexican farmers out of business, forcing millions of them across our border.

Obama and his corporate allies claimed the “free trade” agreement with South Korea just a couple of years ago would provide economic growth and

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OBAMA: President isn’t given enough blame/credit

Re: “Policies haven’t helped the middle class” (letter, 2-9).

There is so much wrong with what the writer penned it’s hard to know where to start.

Working part time and low wages are cost cutting for profits caused by big business and not President Obama.

Ten million new jobs created in six years? Thank you, Obama. We’re out of the worst recession since the Great Depression. Thank you Obama. The Congressional Budget Office estimates Obamacare will save 20 percent more than originally estimated. Thank you, Obama.

Public sector jobs as well as private sector jobs under unions are what has built the middle class

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OBAMA: Policies haven’t helped the middle class

With his Fiscal Year 2016 budget rollout, President Obama spoke in glowing terms about the economy. The unemployment rate has come down to 5.6 percent, but millions of Americans have stopped looking for work, are working part-time or are in low-paying jobs.

Is Obama finally trying to help the middle class? What was he doing the past six years?

While thousands of private sector jobs were being lost, billions were being spent to preserve public sector union jobs (unions are a core constituency of the Democratic Party). Was your job saved?

Obamacare was going to reduce annual premiums $2,500 for a

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MILITARY: Serving isn’t always a sacrifice

Re: “Vets strengthen our community: Keep them here” (TNT, 11-10).

Lt. General Stephen R. Lanza writes about veterans and the sacrifice they make to be in the service, noting that ”in serving their country, they did so without thought of recognition or gain.”

People serve in the military because it can be a good job within a very socialistic approach which takes care of them. They are good-paying jobs when one consider all the socialistic benefits one receives, often with pay as good as they would get in the civilian world.

Many make the military a career with good retirement benefits.

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USIS: Action will have job impacts locally

In early August 2014, USIS, a contractor to the federal government, idled more than 2,000 field investigators after self-reporting a cyber attack which was characterized as “having all the signs of a state-sponsored attack.” Included in this furlough were a significant number of Pierce, King and Kitsap county residents, who were forced to use all accrued paid time off while hearing little from USIS.

Now it has since been announced that the investigative contract that USIS held with the federal Office of Personnel Management will be terminated on Sept. 30. I would assume that all local personnel will also be terminated.

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