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OBAMA: Re-election prediction misses mark

Re: “5 reasons why the president will win another term in November” (TNT, 4-29).

Aaron David Miller’s commentary was amazingly dishonest.

• He writes: “Americans are re-electing imperfect and flawed presidents.”

Miller’s believes that those who won re-election – Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush – were not “very top tier” presidents but goes on to rate “Clinton clearly above average. That’s about where Obama falls.” So a president who cannot run on his record in office is rated as “above average.” Go figure.

•He writes, “Obama has history on his side.”

No, he does

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DEMOCRATS: The left conquers through deception

Over the years, Democrats have learned to mimic conservatism. They pretend to be conservative by using the right words to appeal to the majority, and those wavering in the middle, until they are elected. Then they show their true colors. They are chameleons.

This behavior was demonstrated successfully by the last three Democrat presidents (Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama). They all used the right words; appeared to be concerned about free-market economic growth; appeared to support the military, apple pie and the American flag; then, bang, when they got into office, they all began stomping on all they

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JIMMY CARTER: What is George Will’s version of Christianity?

Re: “Losing one house will make 2012 easier for Obama” (George Will column, 10-12).

So now Will feels that he can assail Jimmy Carter’s “version of Christianity” and find that it comes up short?

So a guy who in twelve paragraphs judges the merit of Jimmy Carter’s faith and summarizes the history of the U.S. since 1938 accuses another of being prideful?

With his “version of Christianity,” Jimmy Carter spearheaded Habitat For Humanity. I wonder what George Will has done with his?


NORTH KOREA: Oops, lost my compass

I find it extremely difficult to believe that an English instructor (Aijalon Gomes) couldn’t maintain his compass and slipped, stumbled or fell into North Korea.

Were there no signs that he was close to peril? Was he texting? What was it he expected other than “Watch this!” notoriety?

Bill Clinton previously went after after two other lost sheep and brought them home. Now Jimmy Carter goes after another off-course lamb. No wonder we look like a nation of uncontrolled fools. But then Mom, Dad or some ex-president is always on hand to bail us out. Good grief!