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CHARLESTON: Hard to believe racism deniers

I grieve the murder of nine innocent African Americans as they prayed in their church in South Carolina, a state where the Confederate flag still flies with pride.

It is unbelievable that even in the face of the accused shooter’s own racist comments, “I wanted to start a war between the blacks and whites,” some of our so-called political leaders deny it was a racist attack.

Rick Perry says it was an accident. Jeb Bush says we don’t know the cause. Fox News, along with others, declares it a terrorist attack on Christianity. If I follow this thinking to its logical

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ELECTION: Hillary Clinton is irrelevant

Hillary Clinton’s campaign won’t implode because of her emails, or Bengazi, or any of the old Clinton scandals, but because she is irrelevant. If the Democrats don’t find an alternative, they will lose in 2016.

Clinton is not so much a personality as an average: an average of 10,000 focus groups. She has sold her soul for the safety of the political center, which has drifted so far to the right that she has lost her identity as a liberal or a Democrat.

Clinton and Jeb Bush are virtually indistinguishable to me: a single ticket running for the corporate party, combining

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POLITICS: System broken, moving away from public

Re: “Brace yourself for Hillary, Jeb in 2016 presidential race” (TNT, 3-4).

Maureen Dowd’s article on the Clinton and Bush dynasties trading off the White House over decades is actually a sad commentary on the state of American political and civil society.

This is the best our supposed “democracy” can come up with? The free market place of ideas? These two unimpressive hand-me-downs from one bad presidency and one really bad presidency?

The real story here is the failure of our political parties to develop leaders and ideas on the state and local levels and the victory of money over

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ROMNEY: Trump endorsement pitiful

Re: Donald Trump’s endorsement of Mitt Romney.

It is clear to the most moderately intelligent observer that the GOP has already ceded the 2012 election to President Obama.

The party’s serious candidates – Jeb Bush, Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie and David Petraeus – have deferred until 2016. This leaves the Republican stage crowded with clowns and losers.

Newt Gingrich was rejected by his own party in a previous Congress. Rick Santorum lost his last election by double digits. The Donald and the Willard can only be regarded as Marie Antoinettes in gray flannel.

It is sad to see the

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