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EMISSIONS: Carbon tax proposal has merit

Re: “New money, GOP Senate make taxes a hard sell” (editorial, 5-31).

Republican state Sen. Joe Fain’s dismissive-sounding description of Gov. Jay Inslee as a “cheerleader for the left” is like accusing a Rainier or Mariner player of cheering for his own team. That sounds like something to be admired and expected, something good teammates routinely do.

It’s offensive for you to take a laudatory behavior and turn it into a cynical sneer. A good debate tactic, I suppose, but not complimentary to your readers or to the senator.

The governor’s suggested carbon tax has at least two purposes.

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CLIMATE: Cap-and-trade would limit emissions

Monique Trudnowski’s recent Viewpoint (TNT, 4-26) criticizing Gov. Jay Inslee’s cap-and-trade plan is misleading. Although the Legislature passed a law requiring greenhouse gas emissions to come down to 1990 levels by 2020, it didn’t provide a way to enforce that limit. We’re not currently on track to meet it.

Inslee’s proposal would enforce the law by requiring the biggest emitters to cut carbon pollution using innovative market-based solutions and clean energy.

As president of Tahoma Audubon, I’ve seen the studies showing that half of our species of birds are threatened by climate change. We need to act now.

Transportation is

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EMISSIONS: Inslee needs to find new approach

Re: “Higher taxes not the best way to reduce emissions” (Viewpoint, 4-26).

Kudos to Monique Trudnowski! It’s not often enough that someone takes this approach. The way I read her article, she’s very politely saying that we should forget the partisanship, focus on the people’s goals, and then – like the good independent Washingtonians we are – continue to do what makes sense.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s carbon tax proposal does not focus on the people’s goals and does not make sense. It will raise prices for everyone. It will drive potentially polluting industries from the care of concerned Washingtonians

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TAXES: Capital gains isn’t a reliable revenue source

Our governor’s 5 percent capital gains tax proposal on the “rich” to fund schools sounds good in theory. The theme is the “rich” can afford it and should pay more. That plays real well in the press.

The problem with theory is that is does not meet reality. First, capital gains income varies from year to year depending on the stock market. When the market goes down, as it always does over time (remember 2009 when it dropped from 14,000 to 6,300), there was no capital gains income to report. No gains, no revenue. Then what, governor?

Second, the “rich” have an

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TOBACCO: Vaping tax will cause deaths

Re: “Inslee tax would nearly double cost of vaping” (thenewstribune.com, 2-26).

I have a serious question for Jay Inslee: “Governor, why do you want people to die?”

For 20 years or so, it’s been public policy to encourage smoking cessation by imposing high taxes on tobacco products. It’s been a very gradual process, but the taxes have been partially successful. Smoking is on the decline.

Now we have an attractive and economical alternative to smoking cigarettes (vaping) that has the potential to finish the job, but Inslee wants to tax it to smithereens. Because of this tax, some smokers

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MENTAL HEALTH: More treatment needed

By state Supreme Court order, Gov. Jay Inslee and the Department of Social and Health Services recently responded to untreated mentally ill patients. Medicaid beds can now be allotted to halt psychiatric boarding in hospital hallways.

It is mandatory that ill patients receive care. Hopefully, we no longer stigmatize such individuals. In times past they were labeled as crazy or lunatics. They spent long years or a lifetime in asylums.

Today there is understanding of our brain structure and brain diseases, such as bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s and dementia. We have studied the brain and its chemistry. We’ve heard of serotonin, dopamine,

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JBLM: Pierce County gets left behind again

Re: “500 make case against troop cuts” (TNT, 1-22).

I attended the public forum Wednesday at Clover Park Technical College on the Army proposal to cut back 11,000 civilian and military jobs at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. It struck me that once again Pierce County is being left behind by our state and national representatives.

If Boeing were proposing to cut 11,000 jobs in King and Snohomish counties, I am sure that the state and national political leaders would respond loud and clear in opposition, as well as finding tax incentives for the jobs to stay.

At the forum, we heard

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