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ELECTION: Why I support Judy Arbogast

I support Judy Arbogast for state senator for the 26th Legislative District. I have known Judy for three years from our church, where she is very active. She is a dedicated, responsible person who listens carefully and provides thoughtful answers. Like me, she is very concerned about the environment and understands that we must do something about anthropogenic (manmade) climate change.

By contrast, her opponent, Jan Angel, has no such concerns about the environment. I have met with her, and her actions and public statements have indicated that she will not even acknowledge the existence of anthropogenic climate change, much

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ELECTION: Jan Angel’s a bad choice in the 26th

I find The News Tribune editorial board’s reasons for endorsing Jan Angel for state Senate in the 26th District hard to stomach: In essence, she’s been around a long time.

I would ask every voter to look at her voting record and decide if the Washington state she seems to envision is where we want to live: no day-long kindergarten or needed funding for education (SB 5034), lower taxes on multimillionaires by reducing our Educational Legacy Trust Fund (SB 2038 and 2064), no restrictions on guns for those with restraining orders, no health care coverage for part-time public employees (except herself, of

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ELECTION: Arbogast isn’t beholden to special interests

Our Aug. 5 primary election is fast approaching.

Judy Arbogast attends the same church as I do, and I’ve always admired her unbelievable energy and PR skills to to get things done. She has set her sights on being state senator in the  26th District where she can make a difference in making education a priority, in investing in roads and transportation, and creating jobs.

I was surprised to learn that her opponent is the state chair  for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which has been characterized by Bloomberg Business Week as a “bill laundry” for corporate policy ideas.

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ELECTIONS: Bill would nullify majority will

In her legislative update to voters, state Sen. Jan Angel, R-Port Orchard, supports SJR 8213 to amend the Washington Constitution to require a two-thirds majority vote of the Legislature to raise taxes. She argues that such received the support of state voters and therefore should be adopted.

Her argument is contrary to a bill she has co-sponsored, SR 6307, which would nullify the votes of all voters and local representative public bodies in all counties, cities and subdivisions thereof regarding efforts to provide minimum employment standards for businesses within the jurisdiction.

SeaTac voters would see their efforts to set a

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LEGISLATURE: Jesse Young should get appointment

It’s always good to see a candidate who not only understands the issues I care about and is fully prepared to lead on them, but has also “earned his wings” the old-fashioned way – through hard work, grit and determination.

Jesse Young grew up impoverished and sometimes homeless in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood. He worked hard and graduated from high school as valedictorian in 1995. He was named a Washington State Scholar by the state Legislature. He worked his way through college, earning a bachelor’s degree in management information systems in 1999.

Young is also an information technology consultant whose global

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ELECTION: Half-truths and spin from Schlicher campaign

In the Jan Angel-Nathan Schlicher state Senate race, Schlicher and the state Democratic Party have broken all records for dirty campaigning. Half-truths about one’s opponent are lies, and embellishing one’s own record is cheating.

If you believe state Democrats, Angel’s House votes have amounted to Dickensian oppression of women and children. In reality, they were appropriate responses to ill-conceived and incoherent Democrat-sponsored bills. Thankfully, this year the Senate Majority Conservative Coalition deflected most of these.

Most concerning, Schlicher and friends repeatedly tout his work on health care legislation prior to his appointment as state senator, claiming that he singlehandedly saved

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ELECTION: Lantz misstates Angel’s vote on gun bill

Re: “Angel favors guns over DV victims” (letter, 10-29).

It’s appropriate to deny violent offenders possession of a gun. The claim, however, made by former state Rep. Pat Lantz, that HB 1840 is “common sense legislation,” is far from accurate.

The problem with this bill is that it goes way too far in denying people their constitutional rights. People who have committed no crime would be subject to felony possession charges if they didn’t surrender their guns. This could be caused by an order of protection, or restraining order, which can be granted without any proof of a crime

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ELECTION: We need Angel’s moderate approach

We’ve all seen what happens when legislators on opposing sides of the aisle quit talking to each other and can’t find areas of common ground. Things shut down, rhetoric ramps up and very little gets accomplished. We all lose.

Like the other Washington, we don’t have one-party rule in our state. We need to elect legislators who represent our values but who also can work with people who are ideologically different. With a 25-24 state Senate, this is critical. An open-minded legislator can accomplish a lot for our area, a rigid ideologue not so much.

Thankfully we have a candidate

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