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MILITARY: We need to stop trying to police the world

At present more than 150,00 American troops are serving outside of our country. Where and why deserve some answers.

In addition to the endless war in Afghanistan, where 63,000 of our troops are trying to help people, many if not most of whom hate our very guts, another 100,00 of our finest are deployed all over the world.

If I remember correctly, World War II ended nearly 70 years ago in 1945, so why are 52,000 U.S. troops still in Japan, 45,000 in Germany, 10,000 in Italy, 10,000 in the U.K. and another 50,000 or so scattered around the world?

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KNOX: Italian case appears questionable

Re: “U.S. media coverage is biased” (letter, 7-27).

Amanda Knox is a local citizen who is being held in a foreign prison. To the people of this area, that is a very big deal and they would like to be apprised of the progress of her case.

I found the article to be a concise and unbiased reporting of the court proceedings of the case. There are problems with the evidence, and those problems were highlighted in the courtroom.

I suggest that the letter writer read a book titled, “The Monster of Venice.” It was written by an Italian

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KNOX: U.S. media coverage is biased

Re: “DNA experts highlight problems with Amanda Knox case” (TNT, 7-25).

As a Briton, I am appalled by the American media coverage Amanda Knox is garnering. She has become some kind of news celebrity lately with the media coverage for her appeal.

Every night the news sources here in America paint her as some kind of victim of the Italian court system saying she was wrongfully accused. If she were any other nationality, would she be getting the same kind of media coverage? Probably not; she’d maybe rate a 15-second bit on the world news.

Why don’t people open

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