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MIDDLE EAST: Israel’s strong response isn’t the problem

Re: “Israel’s leaders need to make smarter decisions” (TNT, 12-12).

Frida Ghitis criticizes Israel’s strong response to the Palestinian Authority’s move at the United Nations. She calls Israel’s leaders foolish and irresponsible for moving forward with the controversial E1 housing project east of Jerusalem on land under Israeli jurisdiction per the 1995 Interim Agreement.

Ghitis describes Israel’s dangerous neighborhood in this “new era of Middle Eastern turbulence” and “the ascendance of Islamist parties.” She then expects Israel to pursue cordial relationships with her neighbors while the Palestinian Authority unilaterally attempts to bypass direct negotiations with Israel, which she admits

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AFGHANISTAN: U.S. withdrawal would be irresponsible

Re: “Afghanistan: Vague words or vague thinking” (editorial, 7-1).

The administration is vague on the withdrawal date of July 2011. Apparently Vice President Joe Biden wants out now while our president is vague on the reality of the date.

Vague would be a good strategy if our terrorist enemies were told we are committed to defeating them. As the editorial noted, Biden and his followers on the left have forgotten 9/11.

The left seems to believe a Taliban return to power with militant Islamic law would be confined to Afghanistan. This logic defies modern history, especially as practiced

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