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FRANCIS: Pray for interfaith peace and understanding

I want to congratulate the Catholic Church and Pope Francis on his election to the office of pope. I pray that he can bring about interfaith peace and understanding through his leadership. As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, we understand the importance of leadership and its role in bringing about peace between the various faith communities worldwide.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has always believed and practiced interfaith peace stemming from the teaching of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad invited Christians of his time to interfaith dialogue and guaranteed religious freedom. The Holy Quran, the holy scripture of

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ISRAEL: Apartheid alive, but not in Israel

Re: “U.S. must stop supporting apartheid” (letter, 1-3).

“Apartheid” is a term describing legal systems that institutionalize segregation, discrimination and oppression based on race, gender, sexuality or religion. This happens today, but not in Israel. In South Africa, law segregated “non-Europeans” in every aspect of daily life; protest brought detention, torture, execution.

Today there is gender apartheid in Arab League countries where women have inferior status, and “honor killing” is widespread in the Middle East (excluding Israel). In some countries, a non-Muslim cannot practice his or her religion in public, and conversion from Islam is punishable by death.


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VETERANS: War memorial excludes many faiths

For those of you that have not seen the religious monument at War Memorial Park by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, let me describe it.

Above the monument is a faded photograph of three caucasian gentlemen with a caption that reads: “The religious monument paying tribute to the courage and patriotism of Americans of all faiths was dedicated in March 1961. The brass symbols are mounted on a block of sandstone, which itself rests on a concrete base.”

These brass symbols? A cross and a Star of David.

If you believe that Christianity and Judaism represent all faiths in our military

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PAKISTAN: Shame aplenty to go around

Re: “Taliban shoot girl, 14, over education ban” (TNT, 10-10).

Shame on the Taliban for waging war on children.

Shame on the Pakistani government for allowing religious lunatics the run of the country.

Shame on the Pakistani people for allowing an ineffective and corrupt government to remain in power.

Shame on the Islamic clergy for allowing their religion to be hijacked by fringe groups that have no respect for life.

Shame on the Pakistani people for rioting over a film and standing by at the attempted murder of their future.

Shame on the rest of the world for not

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ISLAM: Is Arab video insult or observation?

When Arab chronicler Ibn Fadlan cursed the Vikings as “the filthiest of God’s creatures,” he meant it as an observation, not an insult. But it took the Swedes more than 700 years to outrun that curse. Now, if you drop a gum wrapper in Goteborg, your peer-molded conscience will drive you back in the dark of night to retrieve it. Even Norwegians have running water and bathe at least once a week.

But outrunning a prophecy is more problematic. Chronicled by Moses himself, God says the descendants of Ishmael “Will (also) become a great nation” (Genesis 17:20). That’s the good

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ISLAM: Muslims aren’t America’s friends

Leonard Pitts Jr. suggested (column, 9-16) that Muslims were overreacting and being childish by rioting over the “Innocence of Muslims” film. In reading Pitts’ column, I had two thoughts.

First, I am fearful that Pitts is in for it now. In calling Muslim reaction to the Muhammad film “childish,” he has risked offending Muslims, and one of them will do him harm. I pray to Allah that this will not happen.

The second thought I had is that, for being such a savvy political observer, Pitts is clueless as to why Muslims riot. Muslims are eager and willing to

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ISLAM: There’s danger in hasty generalization

Here in America, we read about a film produced in America that portrays Muhammad as a sexually sadistic torturer and conclude, “It was a 14-minute piece of trash put out by a pervert. Why does the Islamic world erupt with venomous hatred pouring forth against all of America?”

One of the fallacies embedded in that question is the assumption that all or most Muslims are represented by the protesters. That is no more the case than is their belief that the film produced by one man speaks for all Americans.

Many people on both sides fail to see that the

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ISLAM: Presidents must balance our values

Baffling, isn’t it, this repeated pattern of ill-conceived acts that insult Islam and inflame some believers into violence. These insulting acts, in the guise of protected “free speech,” further endanger our troops and Americans serving abroad.

While some acts were not calculated to insult, bully and inflame, the purpose of this “film” is unquestionable. We can stubbornly deflect from the deliberate offensive nature of this act by simply standing behind the American value of “free speech.”

For a president, it is more complicated. There are competing values here. There is the American value of religious tolerance. Then there is the

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